A truly plug&play system to implement your Industry 4.0 in minutes

the IoT SCADA SERVER system implement with great ease and a fraction of usual time, complete Web supervisory and control systems for individual machines, sensors and systems. IoT SCADA SERVER deployment do not require programming, having a connection capacity and integration of industrial devices unique on the market through the ‘Library of Things’ and X-Pango configuration tool. Native Web access, and wide opportunities for integration with external applications.

ISS creates a truly ‘plug-n-play’ Industry 4.0 solution down to the wire, that is ready to use and which does not require any software integration or development, or other hardware components.




IoT SCADA SERVER uses a hardware designed specifically to meet the needs of many users and installers : small size, large connecting capacity, versatility and reliability. The system, with a footprint of 16x9cm (9 DIN modules), is one of the most compact and powerful system of supervision and self-control to a single plant / machine / machine group on the market today.

  • imm_0112 input ports (analog, temperature, currents, digital) and 4 digital output, 1 RS485 serial and 2 USB can be used as expansions.
  • Instant Internet connectivity over Ethernet (GbE), WiFi (AP & Client), with UMTS / 3G / 4G optional external modem.
  • 12 VDC power supply with integrated UPS, for adaptation to sub-optimal power supply situations and ‘survival’ for power off, also useful for sending emergency signals. Optional, power 12-24VDC and 15-26VAC.





Where devices to connect have only serial or Ethernet interfaces, and system requirements include the support of Windows OS / Microsoft environments, or specific security requirements where OS Wind River / Moon Island is appropriate, ISS systems are also available on Intel ISA certified hardware (Alleantia IoT Gateways software is ISA certified). For example, the Advantech gateways.



The ‘heart’ of the IoT SCADA system is the unique X-PANGO technology and the ‘Library of Things‘. X-PANGO creates a driver for any industrial electronic device that makes the connection of a new device like connecting a new printer to a PC.

The Library of Things’, the largest  in the world of pre-integrated industrial equipment, has thousands of drivers: the user simply has to select from a menu in its IoT  SCADA SERVER the devices to connect, select physical connection (eg. Ethernet or RS485), insert network configuration parameters, and the device is connected immediately to the IoT SCADA SERVER. Users not experts and programmers are shielded from the specific details of the device: external applications they are therefore independent of the ‘language’ of the devices, suppliers and technologies used, and therefore easily portable and usable in different contexts.

IoT  SCADA SERVER features include:

  • real-time signal acquisition and data logging from any type of sensor and connected device;
  • Automatic logging of the measures indicated by the user from all connected devices, for a maximum of 60 days, extendable on option to the maximum disk space of the machine;
  • graphical presentation of historical data to perform analysis tasks on the operation of the devices connected to the PLC;
  • Customizabile synoptics presentation, that any user can configure on his needs;
  • creation of custom alarms of any variable and threshold value, or a combination of them even coming from different devices;
  • automatic alarm notification via e-mail, even to multiple recipients, with history recording and notification of the outcome of each alarm;
  • Web access to the system from any device with a browser (desktop, mobile, tablet) without the need to install any additional software.
  • configurable reporting to compare one or more measures, among all those available, on a chosen period with the possibility of a comparison between equipment and / or different periods.
  • ability to download data histories and reports in most commonly used formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pdf, …) for analysis with external tools;
  • DropBox interface for sharing files with historical data and reports;
  • FTP interface to external servers
  • binary real time interfaces (Modbus Gateway) for external RT systems
  • online REST interfaces to external systems and applications

ConnectionMicrosoft_Azure_Certified_RGB to downstream applications use Open API available (both low-end high performance such as Modbus Gateway and high-end such as REST API). Certified plug-ins are available for Azure IoT, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox.

Large enterprises, having already specific, proprietary processes managed through IT applications for CRM, Logistic, ERP, Asset Management, will augment such processes and develop new applications through Industrial Internet-of-Things capabilities offered by our leading edge IoT Gateways.



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