The first plug & play IoT system to control and account for the energy usage in production and operations of machine tools


‘Machining Pack’ is an additional software for the IOT SCADA SERVER (ISS), creating a ready for use system to control and account the energy usage in production of machine tools, and to monitor the machine operations.


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The energy measures are an important indicator for plant efficiency and production. In particular, the energy cost of each single part produced is not generally known, but calculated on aggregated data and approximated. This determines both inaccurate accounting entries (very useful, for example. for contractors) and, above all, missed opportunities for production costs optimization. Besides, usage accounting for each piece and / or tool makes a better evaluation of contract costs, and to support optimal selections among different machines available.


To obtain complete and consistent measures of energy usage in production, and especially useful, these must consider the main elements (spindles, driven tools), but also the auxiliary systems (eg. coolant pumps, high pressure pumps, handling systems). The status of production cycle or, for further detail, the different program parts, shall be associated, in real time,  to the energy usage information, to obtain what necessary to implement relevant statistical analysis.




Alleantia Machining Pack is designed to meet all these needs, providing an easily configurable and usable system for the detection and processing of usage data.


Connected to specific sensors – current transformers, meters and network analyzers, to be installed on the machine – and to the machine control, it acquires information of start-end processing and / or tool change / stage of work, and it processes to get:

  • Energy usage of each machine component (motors – turrets – services)

  • Energy usage in production for each worked piece

  • Energy usage for each worked piece and tool used

  • Statistical analysis and variations on user-defined periods

  • Energy usage in production split between standby and on work periods

  • Configurable alarms on specific components and thresholds



Machining Pack provides the machine operator, from the web or any mobile device, real-time information and statistics indicators for immediate understanding of the machine tool operations and the trend of energy usage in production. The system also makes available information on the operation and efficiency of the turning center and its auxiliary components, usable for off-line analysis.


Then, notifies thresholds and energy usage increases, thus indicating the need to perform certain interventions (eg. cutting fluid control, maintenance, tools check). Through that, allows energy savings of 10% and more for an individual piece.



Machining Pack is available in two versions: ‘Base’ and ‘PRO’:

  • MP Base provides usage accounting and control per workpiece and main facilities (up to 6 sources of energy measurement).

  • MP PRO, the most powerful solution, for usage accounting and control per work phase, and for main and auxiliary services (7+ sources of energy measurement).

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The ISS + Machining Pack can be configured to work with popular machine tools control systems, and can be implemented to retrofit existing machines, also exploiting the ISS direct digital and analog connection caoacity for detecting signals from different controllers.


The first implementation of Alleantia Machining Pack, will be presented by Biglia Cloud TuningBiglia Spa at EMO Fair in Milano,  Pavillion 4 Stand D07 , from 5 to 10 October 2015.



Associated to the Machining Pack, IOOT FACTORY cloud solution will be made available. IOOT FACTORY comes in two versions:


  • IOOT Factory Base: provides users with an integrated portal to display remote machine status, and the data backup for the information collected by all individual machines connected through Machining Pack, with access to the status information and data detected, easily accessible and usable by any external system.


  • IOOT Factory PRO will include a sophisticated real-time distributed analytics system, used to make statistical analysis in the medium to long term of energy usage in production and other information, by type of piece / part program, tool etc., also with comparison between different machines that worked the same piece. IOOT Factory PRO provide users with a full set of performance indicators and make the best number-driven decision-making process.


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