The only system on the market that combines Energy Management system and Renewable Energy production plants monitoring system to address needs of industrial and commercial customers.

SOLAR + ENERGY PACK software, add-on of Alleantia IOT SCADA software, provides visualization capabilities, energy reporting and analysis features that realize a complete Energy Management system and Renewable Energy production plants monitoring system. Can be set up in minutes by any electrician, and usable by anyone with zero problems,

SOLAR + ENERGY PACK Pack controls in no time all consumption of your company, your office or your building, acquiring information from any device, providing reports, alerts, charts, and whatever necessary to achieve maximum optimization of energy consumption; moreover it also controls the photovoltaic, wind or cogeneration plant, with powerful features, great ease of use and configuration flexibility.



Are you starting a energy reduction project ? Are you trying to figure out whether or not replace an old system with a new one? Is your company energy hungry and you do not really know why? Targeting ISO50001 certification ?  SOLAR + ENERGY PACK is the software for you!



SOLAR + ENERGY PACK acquires energy measures from analyzers, installed in network sub-sections, or by single equipment of the active distribution and electricity production (inverters, string boxes, compressors, switches, fuses, sensors, boilers etc. .). Control its operation, and other equipment and systems to correlate information of consumption and production, and these with the operation of the plants.

Key features include:

  • Real-time control of all system components, in particular string boxes, inverters, protections, switches etc.
  • Alarm Monitoring with personalization on measures, thresholds and their combination on time slots e.g. to control consumption thresholds or abnormal situations
  • Native access via Web from any PC, tablet and smartphone, from any browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Android, Blackberry.
  • Control of energy production
  • energy measures acquisition: active and reactive energy, voltage and current, frequency, power, power factor, cosphi; in general, all the measures made available by measurement systems, analyzers etc.
  • creation of new combined measures.
  • configurable synoptics, including the ‘home page’ dedicated for power plants
  • Incentives Reporting (UTF) with support for plants in different configurations
  • energy reporting (active and reactive energy)
  • Possibility of a comparison between measures on a chosen period or different periods
  • Data downloads in most commonly used formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pdf, …) for analysis with external tools
  • automatic historical data and reports upload to DropBox® account


Special requirements? Complex installations? Revamping? Purchase of existing solar plants with multiple technologies? Many different sources of information? No answers from the usual suppliers?



We can provide complete sets inclusive of monitoring system, network analyzers, power meters, transformers, both for fixed installation or even mobile installations, in a fully assembled professional carrying case.

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