UTF Report (production & incentives)



In Italy, it is mandatory for

  • renewable energy plants with peak power above 20 kWp;
  • traditional energy plants with peak power above 1 kWp (e.g. gas co-generation);

are obliged to provide a monthly production record (daily recording of the meter covered by the UTF documents) to be reported to the Customs Agency, from power meters that are certified, calibrated and sealed in place by an approved laboratory at gird connection time.

The MaxBox Solar system, linked to production power meters or network analyzers / energy counter, automatically generates UTF reports required by the Customs Agency and can be downloaded in various electronic formats:

  • .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • .pdf (Acrobat)
  • .rtf (compatible with many text editors such as Microsoft Word)
  • .odt (Open Office)

The report can be generated with both the daily details of production (as required for facilities in Medium Voltage ) and by including the details of the F1, F2, F3 time slots (as required for facilities in Low Voltage).

Report generation can be performed accurately by capturing data directly from the fiscal counter, or in a less rigorous way by using a network analyzer or the sum of the power supplied by the inverters.

Alleantia Mini-Gate


To collect production data from the power meters, MaxBox Solar can be connected:

- directly to the RS485/Modbus power meter interface, if available

- directly to the ‘S0′ pluse interface of certain power meters to the Maxbox digital I/Os (optimal solution if power meter is not sealed, otherwise costly).


- through a a MaxEye optical interface that converts the optical signals of the power meter LEDs into pulses, connecting to Maxbox digital I/Os. This is the most effective and less expensive solution, with immediate installation times that do not require the intervention of technicians.


Sample UTF Report (.pdf) Sample UTF Report (.rtf)