Alleantia and Advantech partner of Co-Creation at IoT Co-Creation Summit

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Alleantia and Advantech partner of Co-Creation at IoT Co-Creation Summit

After the success of BI-MU 31, Advantech, a leading brand in industrial computer platforms and industrial automation, IoT intelligent systems and cloud platform for Industry 4.0, and Alleantia, software house of Pisa, will be together again for the IoT Co-Creation Summit.

In this occasion Advantech will write a new chapter of its history, based on the development of new co-creation models in order to build an IoT system perfectly integrated.  

This project will culminate with the IoT Co-Creation Summit on November 1sr and 2nd, in Suzhou, China.

Alleantia, the only not Asian company selected, will work with Advantech in order to develop new IoT solutions for specific technological and applicative domains called SRP: Solution Ready Package.


The SRP, born from the cooperation between Advantech and Alleantia, is a solution that makes easy to realize a real industrial 4.0 transformation thanks to the possibility to connect easily the machines to the cloud or third parts.

Specifically, Advantech and Alleantia have realized a software-hardware integration that it’s able to connect the machines to the productive systems of the company.

In this contest Alleantia will have the honor to take part in the IoT Co-Creation Summit, organized for the first time by Advantech with the goal to consolidate its position on the Asian market with a co-development of IoT End-To-End solutions based on its IoT Cloud Wise PaaS platform.


In the detail, Alleantia will be in China as co-partner of Advantech to show:

  • Its SRP Edge Intelligence & Protocol Conversion Solution thought to connect more than 5000 drivers of Xpango Alleantia Library to the IoT Cloud Wise PaaS Platform of Advantech
  • The integration of I4.0 Plug&Play Alleantia with the App that manages the gas pumps of Tesla vehicles.
  • The integrations of Alleantia with some IoT App active in the domain of Smart Manufacturing, Smart Product and Smart Services.


The event, reach of stands and conferences, will see Alleantia makes the following contributions:

  • Being “Connected by Alleantia”: the Largest Industry 4.0 Ecosystem from Field to Cloud
  • Industry 4.0 “Plug&Play”: from Single Machine and Production Line to IT Applications
  • Advantech & Alleantia Partner Co-creation: Edge Intelligence & Protocol Conversion SRP
  • Edge-to-Cloud: Facilities Equipment Connectivity and Predictive Maintenance