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The world’s first universal cybersecured industrial IOT software gateway
will be presented at Cybertech Europe 2019 from 24th to 25th September
at La Nuvola Convention Center – Rome.


According to the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) and Industrial Control System (ICS), the 2017 € 60 Billion Industry 4.0 global market will reach € 140 Billion by 2022 and this has generated a 2017 € 10 Billion Industrial Controls Security market which will reach € 20 Billion by 2023. Up to now, industry has operated on the basis of closed systems. Now migration to Industry 4.0 means that machines, applications and factories are being increasingly connected to cloud systems using big data and artificial intelligence (AI) and interfaced with corporate IT systems. This convergence between industrial and standard computer technology is radically changing the game. 

The new connectivity, which is conducive to just-in-time production, optimizing manufacturing processes, cutting costs, and efficiency gains, generates cyber risks different from those associated with standard computing that can lead to drastic consequences.
Connected industry is more exposed to cyber-attack due to the increased number of entry points.
As a result, new solutions are required to tackle this problem.

WALL4iOT: a fully secure solution for enhancing connectivity in industrial facilities

Threat prevention, not just detection


An initial partnership has been set up with Alleantia, the leading Italian IIoT specialist, whose solution guarantees connectivity between different types of industrial devices (machines, transportation assets, industrial equipment, etc.) and cloud platforms and business applications (predictive maintenance, production management, energy monitoring, AI, AR/VR, etc.).  The Alleantia edge IoT software gateway is a user-friendly, fast plug and play solution for connecting industrial facilities within the Industry 4.0 paradigm.
This bound heralds a further acceleration of the Industrial IOT model. We can now act together with a leading Cybersecurity solution provider to ensure an even faster growth of our Industrial IOT solutions adoption, through partners like Advantech, Cisco, Dell Boomi, HPE, and Cloud platforms like AWS, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, SAP and ThingWorx, with an immediate benefit of the industrial-grade cybersecurity which Wallix brings. Adoption of the Secure Industrial IOT newly created category will accelerate Industry 4.0 transformation growth.

Stefano Linari, CEO of Alleantia


Alleantia all things joined logo
ALLEANTIA is a leading Italian company internationally known for its industrial Internet of Things software solutions. With its native industrial protocols, 5,000 drivers and quick configuration tools, the Alleantia ISC IoT Edge software is the simplest, fastest and most scalable solution on the market to activate any digital transformation program within the “4.0 paradigm”.

WALLIX the European Cybesercurity expert in Privileged Access Management and ALLEANTIA, the leading Universal Plug-and-Play Industrial Internet-Of-Things solution sign a milestone OEM agreement to create WALL4iOT the world’s first Cybersecure Industrial IOT product to capture the explosive growth of Industry 4.0 cybersecurity demands

The agreement centers on a single platform concept-Cybersecurity by Design. The speed of adoption of Industrial IOT gateways is accelerating, thus driving increased vulnerabilities within manufacturing plants, energy grids, transportation systems. Integrating the Wallix Privilege Access Management cybersecurity directly onto the Alleantia ISC software platform enables a rigorous management of the connection of all the applications and users which interact through the Alleantia platform to industrial controllers and devices. The channels of Wallix and Alleantia will be able to strengthen their value proposition and further differentiate their services.

Jean-Noel de Galzain, CEO of Wallix

WALL4iOT is a game-changer in the Cybersecurity space. The growth of the perimeter of Privilege Users now encompasses the industrial operations staff recognizing the size and impact of the vulnerability of a single maintenance worker or a specialized production staff. All this while enabling the wire-to-cloud evolution in cybersecure mode.

Mark De Simone, Vice President Global Industry Practice of Wallix

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