Alleantia and Dell Boomi Partner for IoT Integration

alleantia dell boomi agreement

Alleantia and Dell Boomi Partner for IoT Integration

Alleantia and Boomi together to change how manufacturers can use their IoT data

Many companies are looking to incorporate data from their devices and “things” to gain new visibility into their operations and automate processes. But to make the most of the IoT, organizations need to easily and seamlessly integrate information from smart devices and gateways with existing enterprise applications and systems.

And this is the goal of a new partnership between Alleantia, an innovative Italian software company to connect machines to applications, offering a complete monitoring and control system for industrial devices, single machines and sensors and Dell Boomi to seamlessly unite industrial IoT data with business application data to create all new improvements in how manufacturers can run their businesses.
Alleantia needs a partner who could help it take device data and integrate it with business applications. And Boomi CTO Michael Morton confirmed this approach was viable.

Integrated application and access to the data are two necessary components for any IoT solution

A New Approach to the IoT

So, about 18 months ago, Boomi and Alleantia found themselves competing for a large IoT project in order to change how manufacturers can use their IoT data.

Together, Boomi and Alleantia provide a complete portfolio of technologies for a common implementation would include these steps:

1. The Alleantia ISC software on the edge gateway manages an enterprise landscape of devices and collects and processes device data.

2. The Boomi integration engine, the Boomi Atom, also runs directly on the same gateway on the edge.

3. Integration processes are quickly created, modified and managed using the Boomi drag-and-drop, low-code, cloud-based development environment.

4. Boomi consumes device data gathered by Alleantia ISC, transforming it and integrating it with any other device and/or business data

5. Boomi delivers this data to wherever the business needs it — whether that is an on-premise data store or application, a cloud application, or even another gateway.

6. The business can then use Boomi to integrate device data with business applications, such as WMS, MES, ERP or CRM, and design operational processes supported by these enriched data sets.


In this way  Boomi and Alleantia are able to offer a simple and fast solution for industrial companies in order to integrate device data with business applications and processes.

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