Alleantia inaugurates the IoT Edge Marketplace of Microsoft Azure

Alleantia, a young and dynamic SME, internationally known for its leading-edge solutions applied to “Industrial Internet of Things”, is among  first companies to inaugurate the new IoT Edge Marketplace of Microsoft Azure.

Alleantia, already certified for Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, makes the management and maintenance of its software even much easier for any Microsoft developer, integrating its solution on an easy Marketplace that allows to all developers (also to non-specialists of industrial world) to manage the context of Edge Computing inside the factories, directly from the simple Microsoft Azure web interface.

In this way, Alleantia reinforces its positioning on the global IoT market, releasing its application component on the newest IoT Edge Marketplace of Microsoft Azure, addressing in particular the manufacturing and transportation industries.

Alleantia’s technology, taking advantage of its rich library (composed by more than 5.000 drivers) and of its Digital Twin IIoT Apps, offers a “plug&play” solution capable of connecting in only few seconds any industrial device (CNC, PLC, robots, inverters, sensors, power meters etc.), collecting telemetry data, operating parameters of machines and alarms in order to transfer them to IT applications (on-premise or in-cloud), in a bidirectional way.

In this way Alleantia stands as a specialized vendor of easily implementable Industrial IoT solutions, that allow to connect in a fast and economical way the machines to the Web, with significant savings in terms of costs and execution times.

With the entry of Alleantia into the IoT Edge Marketplace of Microsoft Azure, end-users will be able to develop in a more effective and open way their projects of digital transformation within the 4.0 paradigm.

In fact, the IoT Edge is capable of providing a several number of benefits, in particular to the “Industrial Internet of Things” world.

The main attraction of IoT Edge is its ability to offer functionalities of processing, analysis and data management in real time.

The IoT Edge allows to examine the data at the local device level, reducing the time of analysis from minutes to seconds.

Moreover, the IoT Edge helps to reduce the costs of connectivity, by cutting drastically the amount of moved data, together with the relevant distance to be covered.

Thus, it delivers more quickly only useful and significant information – rather than a great deal of raw data – to the cloud for their elaboration within the specific application.

The IoT Edge makes it easier to developers to move some of their calculation requirements closer to the edge, allowing them to implement the cloud intelligence locally.

With the inauguration of the IoT Edge Marketplace of Microsoft Azure, Alleantia – a reality of proven innovative technologies on the international panorama of the IoT Industry – reaches an important milestone being the first company to provide the ecosystem of Microsoft developers with a set of certified solutions for enabling the “plug&play” Industry 4.0 and accelerating the deployment of 4.0 digital transformation projects, in the competitive global context guaranteed by Microsoft.

Alleantia is a young and dynamic SME in the IT sector, internationally known for its innovative solutions applied to “Industrial Internet of Things”, in particular to Industry 4.0, and for its ecosystem of developer and system integrator partners “Connected by Alleantia”. Alleantia’s software solutions, dedicated to the IoT Edge gateways, integrate machines, manufacturing plants, transportation equipment and any automation device with the web, the corporate systems and the new Cloud IoT Applications with ready-to-use interfaces, therefore enabling any company to realize its “Plug&Play” Industrial Internet of Things. This allows the creation of new value related to the availability of IoT Data, of new business models and new opportunities for the growth of new professional skills in all those companies that want to activate processes of digital transformation within 4.0 paradigm.