Alleantia presents the Intel RRK solution developed with Advantech

Intel – one of the most reliable ecosystems in the world engaged in the development of top-level IoT solutions on the market – has organized a global webinar whose main purpose is IoT Education. The webinar, which will be transmitted on June 19th, will be the perfect opportunity for Alleantia to present the latest Intel solution developed in co-operation with Advantech.

Alleantia and Advantech for IoT: educating more and more people to act correctly in a constantly growing sector

It’s an honor for Alleantia to have been invited by Intel, supported by a large company such as Advantech, to talk about its successful experience in a rapidly growing and constantly evolving field such as the IoT which requires a solid preparation but also a constant update to the actors who work in there.

Intel’s webinar will be the perfect opportunity to present the latest Intel RRK solution

This webinar will be the perfect opportunity for Alleantia and Advantech to present the Intel RRK solution. This is the Intel IoT RFP Ready Kit solutions playbook, a ready-to-use manual – characterized by a simple and intuitive use – which clearly and effectively illustrates the IoT solutions that can be implemented by any type of industry 4.0 user or by all those who have decided to approach IIoT 4.0 for the first time.

Intel IoT RPF Ready Kit solutions playbook, a ready-to-use kit that shows the ideal solution for every IoT project

The kit illustrates lot of different solutions – industry, smart cities, health care or transport – and it allows to immediately identificate the best option to respond to every user’s needs who’s consulting it. The kit is enriched by a series of links that refer to the ideal and best tools on the Intel home market that will allow to better satisfy the needs of any kind of system integrator.

The Intel solution created by Alleantia and Advantech: a product of excellence for tomorrow’s IIoT

The specific solution implemented by Alleantia in collaboration with Advantech concerns the IIoT 4.0 sector and is based on the Advantech UTX3117 IoT gateway in which the I4.0 plug & play solution of Alleantia company was installed. Thanks to this powerful solution the system integrators will be able to translate the data from 5000 industrial devices into fundamental information that will allow to control in real time the production trend and to reach the highest levels of predictive quality and maintenance.

Intel’s webinar confirms Alleantia as a reference point in the digital innovation world

We’re very happy to be able to take part of the webinar organized by Intel, a great comparison and sharing opportunity that once again confirms the importance of the experience of Alleantia, today a point of reference in the digital innovation world of the industry. We’re proud to be able to contribute to making the IIoT a usable and accessible subject for anyone by illustrating our experience and our use cases. We’re also very honored to present, next to a large company such as Advantech, the last solution we implemented, the demonstration that the union of two excellent synergies is able to create products that can reach maximum efficiency.