Alleantia winner of Boomi Blue Challenge 2018!

The Italian innovative company proposes the only winning solution for the Industrial Internet of Things sector.

The solution that won the Boomi Blue Challange award is called “Alleantia IIoT toolkit for Boomi” and will make integration with the Boomi platform even more efficient, allowing each Boomi partner to connect industrial devices without any particular expertise in “ plug & play “.

Launched at Boomi World 2018, the Boomi Blue Challenge rewards companies that have developed through the Boomi platform the best innovative solutions for accelerating digital transformation.

The innovative Italian company Alleantia was the only winner for the industrial solutions sector of the Internet of Things for Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Its solution takes full advantage of the Boomi platform’s potential and simplifies the transformation of IoT data into new knowledge, revenue streams and digital innovations, facilitating the way production organizations integrate IoT data into their business systems.

Thanks to the solution “Alleantia IIoT toolkit for Boomi”, presented by Alleantia the Boomi Atom works on peripheral devices and dialogues with the Alleantia software, supported by Boomi‘s exclusive distributed integration architecture, permeating the factory systems, the producers can improve business operations and drive digital transformation initiatives. ISs and ISVs from the Boomi ecosystem can easily and seamlessly integrate information from smart devices and gateways into existing business applications.

The Toolkit will be a flow to be configured only with the credentials of the MQTT broker and the root of the topic name from the instance of the Alleantia software to receive, as output:

– List of devices with related properties

– List of variables with related properties

– Telemetry, alarm and event data in streaming, ready to be “wired” to the final destination.

Boomi is opening up new possibilities for the way OEMs and end users benefit from the data of their devices – says Stefano Linari, CEO of Alleantia – in combination with the Boomi platform, Alleantia customers have a complete system for data processing of devices and their fusion into key business systems to generate new analytical perspectives and automated workflows. ” The solution that won the Boomi Blue Challange prize will be premiered in London on 25th -26th March during the World Boomi Tour 2019 event.

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