Alleantia with Dell and Boomi at Hannover Messe 2019

Alleantia with Dell and Boomi at Hannover Messe 2019

Alleantia, innovative Italian software house, known internationally for its technology capability  of interconnecting machines, production plants, transport systems and any kind of industrial devices to on-premise or in-cloud enterprise IT applications, will be preset at the international industrial Fair, Hannover Messe (April 1st 5th 2019).

Alleantia is a collaborating with Dell through the Dell Technologies IoT Ecosystem Program

At Hannover Messe 2019, Alleantia will showcase its solutions at the Dell Technologies stand (Hall 6 – Booth C40) an effective representation of OT/IT integration, made possible thanks to the features of great interoperability of its I4.0 plug&play solution embedded into the powerful Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series and ready for interconnection with the Dell Boomi integration platform that, with its ample catalogue of connectors, it’s able to interact with any business applications, on – premises or cloud.

The telemetry data, collected with Alleantia solution on Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series, will be selected and pre- processed thanks to its Software to be sent, thanks to Dell Boomi, to the IT enterprise applications.

Already alongside Dell Boomi for BIMU 2018, Alleantia’s attendance at Hannover Messe next to Dell confirms the versatility and interoperability of “plug&play” Industry 4.0 solution, that it uses a powerful Library composed by more than 5000 industrial drivers, able to chat with the ecosystem of machines and multivendor production lines.

Alleantia – Dell – Dell Boomi solution

At Hannover Messe, as a demonstration concept, Alleantia will present a demo that will show simultaneously Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series performance and Dell Boomi’s ability to communicate with any business application.

Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series incorporates characteristics that allows flexibility in the most demanding production environments and accelerates an effective path to building an IoT ecosystem  capable of meeting specific business needs, in the light of the continuous evolution of the specific goals of IoT projects.

On the application side, Dell Boomi integration will make possible to Sales Force CRM to develop two ticketing Apps for maintenance work and process of selling of spare parts and consumables for a machine tool.

In this way it will be possible to show how the operations of costumers, system integrators and IT experts can be simplified by interposing, between Alleantia technology and the organizational schemes of costumers, the advantages offered by integration processes made possible by Dell Boomi and executed “on-edge”, combining the efficiency of Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series and pre-installed Alleantia Software.

This integration will be enhanced by the possibility of connect directly through Alleantia IIOT solution for Boomi presented in preview at the Boomi World Tour in London (25-26 March 2019), thanks to it will possible to simplify further the data flow between production systems and the management applications (ERP, CRM, ecc….) in a bidirectional way.

The power of the collaboration between Alleantia, Dell and Dell Boomi lies in the ability to respond, with an “integrated “end-to-end IoT” solution, to meet market demand to drive business value from IoT data generated by the machines and from the production lines through the integration of data to applications such as ERP, CRM, MES, WMS, APS, SRM, HR, PLM, CAD, or, enriched with additional business data, to pour out them in Data Lake for analytical purposes.

Hannover Messe will be a privileged occasion to illustrate the combined capabilities of Alleantia, Dell and Dell Boomi available to applications developers, system integrators and end costumers. These solutions are highly interoperable and capable of realizing end to end IoT projects to enable new business models, the development of new and more powerful IT enterprise applications for process efficiency.  In addition, the use of AI and ML algorithms, the implementation of new strategies for the quality control of manufactures, for the maintenance and for the servitization of products will benefit the customers to deliver high business impact.