Alleantia with Relayr at Digital Week 2019

On the occasion of the second edition of the Digital Week in Milan, which will take place from 13th to 17th March, Alleantia and Relayr are pleased to announce the partnership agreement that sees the dynamic software house from Pisa collaborate together with the Berlin platform for the Internet of Things industrial to enable and develop customized and highly competitive end-to-end IoT solutions.


Relayr is a young German company, founded in 2013, with the aim of providing IoT solutions that allow the digital transformation of companies in a complete and innovative way.


Its technology makes it possible to analyze the IoT data generated by industrial machines in order to make production processes more controllable and more efficient, allowing the creation of further value from the wealth, available natively, in the data generated by industrial devices.

It is precisely the possibility of transforming the potential of data coming from the field, integrating them with the management business data that has recently led Munich Re, the leading reinsurance company in Munich, to buy the young start-up company from Berlin.

An important signal, which reaffirms the cross-valence attributable to the enabling technology of industrial IOT for the various potentialities offered in enabling numerous application scenarios and new business models, not only in the world of smart manufacturing and smart products, but also in the of smart services related to the reinsurance sector, for whose definition and implementation today are required creativity, process innovation and increasingly advanced IT skills.

That’s why the Milan Digital Week decided to give a significant space to the theme of digital transformation and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Among the events foreseen by the intense weekly program, organized on March 15th, by Relayr and Alleantia, in collaboration with Advantech, at Tecnimprese headquarters, will illustrate more explanatory cases of integration of Technology plug-and-play technology “connected by Alleantia”, embedded in Advantech’s UTX3117 IoT gateway, with Relayr’s IoT platform. 


Among the events planned by the intense program of the Milan digital week, the one organized on March 15 by Tecnoimprese, at the headquarters of Via Console Flaminio 19, in collaboration with Alleantia, Relayr and Advantech, will illustrate more explanatory cases of integration of the plug-and-play Industry4.0 technology “connected by Alleantia”, embedded in Advantech’s IoT gateway, with Relayr’s IoT platform. Advantech, for 36 years a reference brand in the industrial PC and embedded computing, has chosen to enable the creation of a partner ecosystem and a complete industrial IoT value chain: in line with this strategy, Advantech has launched the WISE-PaaS platform in 2014 and developed the link with all the IoT layers, integrating sensors, edge computing, communications, PaaS platform, Solution Ready Platform (SRP) and enabling the integration of cloud services.

In Advantech‘s vision, the key to success is the co-creation, collaboration and integration between the technological platform provider and experts in the reference markets, for the creation of SRP, integrated hardware and software solutions that enable a powerful combination between OT and IT for the collection, management and optimized analysis of data. Already today, over 30 co-creation projects have enabled the development of as many SRPs (among which, the one developed with Alleantia, the first in Europe) for applications such as, for example: electric vehicle charging management, equipment edge connectivity, real time control and vibration monitoring, smart meter, smart street lighting. With Alleantia, in addition to the solution based on the UTX-3117 Gateway, Advantech has co-created the SRP Edge Intelligence and Protocol Conversion: integrating the Advantech ARK-1124H fanless embedded PC with the WISE-PaaS / EdgeSense IoT platform and the ISC Alleantia, the SRP enables the interoperability of the protocol between machines and multi-vendor devices, making immediate the implementation of remote supervision systems and operation management for plants, devices, machines and sensors.

Specifically, the Alleantia edge software, embedded in Advantech’s EDX 3117edge gateway, (proposed SRP – Solution Ready Package jointly developed by the two companies and selected by Advantech as the reference IoT edge solution on the market for open interconnection and interoperable of industrial devices of any vendor with the most diversified IT business applications) offers the possibility to directly take data from the machines and transfer them in a simple and fast way, through user configurable rules, to the application environment of Relayr, functional to the development of end-to-end I4.0 solutions, also strongly customized.

One of the greatest challenges posed by the IoT world lies in its ability to extract, analyze, filter and aggregate data to transform it into useful information to facilitate decision-making processes with the aim of achieving a more efficient and timely business management.

For example, the possibility to monitor in real time the operating parameters of an industrial asset according to the production rates actually realized, allows a more flexible and optimized management of the production organization, being able to prevent failures or production stops for maintenance interventions programmed. This makes it possible to speed up the return on investment or mitigate the risks linked to economic losses due to the non-optimal operation of the plant.

Thanks to its I4.0 “Plug & Play” technology and to the Library of Things, with more than 5,000 drivers ready to use, Alleantia simplifies and speeds up the interconnection projects of industrial devices. The solution allows to direct the data collected from the field to the IoT Relayr platform, which provides for their processing and representation in an effective and easily accessible, depending on the specific application needs.

Milano Digital Week

After having “connected” the city last year through the involvement of more than 250 offices and 400 initiatives, from March 13th to 17th the second edition of #MilanoDigitalWeek returns to Milan, an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Milan – Department of Digital Transformation and Services Civic, and created by Cariplo Factory, IAB – Italy and Hublab, under the patronage of the Cariplo Foundation.

The theme of this year will be centered on Urban Intelligence and will involve the involvement of universities, research centers, associations, companies and all public and private entities engaged in raising awareness among citizens, operators and companies on the digital transformation of the Lombard capital.