Edge SRP Alleantia-Advantech: in Germany for the workshop

Edge SRP Alleantia-Advantech: in Germany for the workshop

Alleantia in Germany in Germering, for the workshop in “Edge Solution Ready Package” organized by Advantech!

Two days for an interactive full immersion organized by Advantech for its sales and development staff in Europe. The factory world is a complex environment in which what is able to facilitate and simplify can make the difference. The Edge SRP ready package solution is the result of the co-creation between Alleantia and Advantech and represents a unique value solution intended for machine builders and system integrators that combines a hardware and software offer for the fast and safe IIoT interconnection of digital factory machines.

To make Industry 4.0 more efficiently and make it more reliable in the factory or in the applications, it is essential that the device is equipped with the ability to calculate the limit. Edge intelligence could make data-driven decisions and increase productivity. The Alleantia-Advantech Edge solution harnesses the power of more cutting-edge technologies to connect online and offline data, realizing the progress of IIoT, is the best platform for equipment optimization and exploring the activities of Industry 4.0!

Thanks to Advantech and its fantastic team!

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