Gruppo Infor

covers the needs of companies in the following areas: systems and networking, management systems, software development, training.

Gruppo Infor, founded in 1990, is a leader company in its own region and all over the country. It sees a constant technological growth.

Gruppo Infor provides advanced infrastructure systems, management information systems, manufacturing applications, networking, internet and security services, communication and professional training for business innovation.

Infor4.0 is the first solution that fully meets the needs of a SMART FACTORY thanks to the combination of hardware devices, software and web applications that manage, archive, transmit and analyze productive data in total security.

The Alleantia Solution is the gateway that historicises data on the Ms Azure Cloud Platform from plants and machine tools, in order to be managed and analyzed through the Infor suite of products. The Infor 4.0 platform, among the various plus integrates the Kaspersky KICS system dedicated to industrial cyber security, with the aim of protecting industrial safety and data analysis aimed at improving O.E.E. and gives a greater effectiveness of the maintenance and representation plan of KPI such as MTBF, MDT, MTR, A., through a structured method conducted with the FMECA – MAGE logic.


is the new cloud based maintenance system that connect data provided by Alleantia software with the maintenance for your equipment.


Thanks to the Alleantia software output (e.g. equipment parameter and hours recorded), MaintenUp can achieve the right maintenance plan, to be able to reach the predictive maintenance.