Alleantia will be a co-creation partner in Suzhou with Advantech


Enabling new business models through IoT data exchange

SRP is born from the cooperation between Advantech and Alleantia: a solution that makes accessible the digital transformation of machinery manufacturers

Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications are about to become widely implemented in various industries. However, the key to success lies within Platform technology suppliers, as well as in working closely with industry professionals to integrate and form standardized and easily duplicated solutions (namely Solution Ready Package: SRP) based on a combination of software and hardware products. Eventually, IIoT industry chains will be formed as SRPs become established as comprehensive field solutions.

These SRP can then be installed by system integrators at the client site. Therefore, the IoT industry chain must include the widest technologies enabling the digital transformation such as: sensors, edge computing, communication, PaaS (Platform as a Service), industry SRP, and cloud services.

A Solution Ready Platform (SRP) is therefore born from the cooperation between Advantech and Alleantia: a solution that makes easily accessible the digital transformation of machinery manufacturers and end-users manufacturing processes.

Advantech, a leading brand in industrial computer platforms and industrial automation, IoT intelligent systems and cloud platform for Industry 4.0 , is writing a new page of its history, adopting the “Co-Creation” model, working with domain experts in different sectors to build comprehensive field solutions through IoT industrial ecosystem. This project will culminate with “IoT Co-Creation Summit” on November 1st and 2nd, in Suzhou, China, hosting more than 6 thousand senior executives from the world’s IoT domains to exchange and share their ideas related to IoT. The event will include 100 in-depth discussion seminars focused on IoT-related topics, IoT solutions (AIoT.SRPs) and innovative applications co-created by 30 partners from key industry domains. The event is expected to have a major impact and to totally revolutionize the future of related industries.

co creation partnership advantech

Alleantia will be the only non-Asian company to take part in this “Co-Creation” project.

Why Alleantia?

Alleantia offers a software solution able to solve a specific problem, that is how to connect machines to the Cloud or third-party IT applications in a simple, fast and economical way, with a plug&play approach using the company’s public library of device drivers. The Alleantia edge software requires hardware to run. And this is a part of Advantech partnership relevant to the solution to co-create new products. Co-creation, in its widest strategical approach, means exactly to build a working relationship between two or more partners in order to obtain mutual benefits from their collaboration.

Alleantia and Advantech SRP is a softwarehardware integrated solution that help to implement smart products, smart factories and smart services in practice, connecting in an easy way industrial machines and entire production lines to the cloud or third-party IT applications through Advantech WISE-PaaS IoT platform.

In this way it is possible to increase productivity, drastically reduce set-up times, undertand causes of faults, malfunctions, or simply monitor what happens on the plants and  also to create new added values through new revenues streams, helping the  OEMs or the users of a machine to connect it to their IT applications without the need to select a hardware or to configure the application.

The presence of Alleantia, as the only European partner of the Advantech Co-Creation project, is the result of a solid  Alleantia’s customer references satisfied by its Industry4.0 plug&play solution that today is one of the most efficient in the international  IoT domain.

In this context Alleantia will be part of the “Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit” on November 1st and 2nd in Suzhou (China) where the potential of the Solution Ready Package (SRP) will be shown as an important accelerator in digitalisation process of machines and production assets.

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