Microsoft in Milan for the IoT in Action

Microsoft in Milan for the IoT in Action

Microsoft is investing significantly in the IoT and it has recently announced a $ 5B IoT investment to expand its partners’ growth opportunities.

In this direction it’s moving the IoT in Action Emea Solution Builder Conference, that will take place in Milan on February 6th at Microsoft House, Pasubio 21 Street.This one it’s the second of three events organized by Microsoft and dedicated to the IoT world (the first took place in Prague and the next will be on March 13th in Espoo, Finland).The event will be a privileged opportunity to get in touch with the ecosystem of Microsoft partners with the mission of creating and improving new IoT solutions that can be used to improve new business models.

Recently Alleantia, international player in the IoT industry field, has become part of the IoT Edge Marketplace of Microsoft Azure, placing itself as the first company able to provide the Microsoft developers ecosystem with a set of certified IoT solutions for the world of Industry 4.0, contributing to accelerate the development of innovative projects of digital transformation.


Alleantia will be pleased to take part in the IoT in Action Emea Solution Builder Conference to present two different technologies. It will be co-creation partner of Advantech with the Solution Ready Platform program (Edge Intelligence & Protocol Conversion), confirming itself as the only non-Asian company to be selected among the first 30 companies to become part of the global Advantech SRP program. On this occasion, at the Advantech booth, it will be available an illustration of the end-to-end solution I4.0, that uses the Alleantia Plug&Play software and its Library of Things with more than 5,000 drivers for interconnection of industrial assets and the integration with the Alleantia/Advantech partner Apps on Advantech‘s in-cloud WISE-PaaS IoT platform.

Alleantia and its rich Library of industrial devices will also be present at the booth of TechData, worldwide distributor of hardware and software brands, leader in the IT sector. The “Connected by Alleantia” technology will be integrated into I-Productivity, an innovative IoT tablet created by Alleanti’s partner and based on Advantech hardware, that it enables a new concept for the production management of SMEs.

Microsoft developers will be able to see the innovative IPA (Intelligent Personal Assistant) system, the first IoT virtual assistant to improve the productivity and monetize the data collected by I-Productivity in order to create new value for their Enterprise Apps. Preventive Maintenance and the first Marketplace of spare parts and consumables of the 4.0 machines will be accessible through simple API on the Microsoft Azure.


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