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certified application partner alleantia industry 40 plug play

Hermes Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in MES 4.0 environment solutions to manage and support all production activities.

Hermes Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in innovative technological solutions, Application Maintenance services and process consulting in the Manufacturing field. The company operates as a System lntegrator between ERP level and Shop Floor solutions, for a 360° management of production activities inside the factory, guaranteeing that customers achieve their business objectives.

Company is able to deliver MES, planning, quality systems and supply a 24×7 support at worldwide level.

MES/MOM projects we will use Alleantia tech when filed data collection won’t be able to give data directly from the machinery or won’t give the ones the customers require.

Through Alleantia tech, we will let the customer to have the monitoring with alarm/alert of the machines and the line adn to start optimizing production process.

brickreply hermes reply

Brick Reply is the manufacturing operation platform tor industry 4.0, monitoring/maintenance of product/process and machines.

Design ed and developed by Hermes Reply according to Industry 4.0 paradigms, Brick Reply is a MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) platform tor the management and contrai of a “Smart Factory”.

Brick Reply is a modular solution, which facilitates the configuration of production activities and the connection of individuai machinery and devices present in a manufacturing plant.

Brick Reply expertly adopts Industry 4.0 technologies (Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Natural UI, etc.) to support the core company manufacturing processes, without losing sight of existing realities.