Machine Manufactorer

Our goal is to make industry a competitive context and to make IoT an innovation for everyone. To do this we have formed partnerships with the main players from the IT market. From hardware’s manufacturer to industrial machines or production systems: Alleantia’s XPANGO drivers are easy to integrate into any type of technology and represent an innovation for the rapid and safe digitization of any type of industrial context.

IoT is a dynamic and constantly evolving context. Alleantia has been following for years the road of technological innovation, always standing alongside the best players in the global IT market. We are proud that our versatile and ready-to-use solution is now considered the only industry 4.0 technology on the entire IoT global market.

With our Machine Manufacturers partners we are creating a real revolution, we’re ready to start our innovation!

Are you interested in becoming Alleantia Machine Manufacturer Partner?

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