Antos is a software house specialized in the production of management products for order control. Antos, the exclusive owner of Perfetto and Bravo Manufacturing products, realizes and distributes its own solutions throughout the national territory.

With over 500 customers who actively use their products, Antos has made specialization the key strength of its offer.

The entire application, adaptation and maintenance processes of the applications are managed by Antos specialized technicians with over 10 years of experience.

Alleantia technology will be used in various manufacturing sectors and the goal is to connect production machines with the Bravo Manufacturing system.

This connection will allow the Bravo Manufacturing management to communicate directly with the machine, to develop statistics and real time information that will support the staff in obtaining maximum efficiency from their plant.

Bravo Manufacturing is the first M.E.S. system ready to use in which is possible to download the FREE version of the product and to immediately start entering information and consulting helpful statistics.

Bravo Manufacturing allows to collect the production notes to the production staff and to distribute the information manually (entered by the operator) or automatically by using the Bravo loT Connector technology.

The main statistics to improve the production process have a strong graphic impact and are ready to use.

Bravo is the ideal system for Manufacturing SMEs.