Garage Circle’ s passionate team of tech-enthusiasts who loves to bring to life new technology solutions to help companies to reach their goals. FCAMaseratiMagneti MarelliEdison Energia and Leonardo have already chosen them as a partner thanks to their competences, good-values and trustworthiness.

Garage Circle’s competences are built on top of a team expertise that can bring modular and scalable solutions to maximize the Return of Investment (ROI) for all clients.

Internet of Things

Managing data flows and security to create new integrated systems and bring new value

Hybrid Cloud

Operative on various environments such as cloud, on prem or hybrid solutions

VR and AR

VR/AR technologies let users get immersive experiences, helping business spread messages more effectively

Multi-Platform Development

A Software bringing portability and scalability to reduce costs

Microservice Approach

This approach makes software modular and cuts development time, allowing continuous delivery of complex applications

Innovation Oriented

A consistent ReD process provide stable cutting-edge technologies and speeding-up delivery time