Desys is a company in the ICT sector expert in “Digital Product Management” based on CAD technologies, collaborative Web, 3D visual documentation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality within the processes that guide the product life cycle (PLM).


Our Industry 4.0 technologies, already integrated and efficient, make use of our “Best Practices” and come from over 22 years of experience in the manufacturing world.


Alleantia technology is used by manufacturing industry customers, by the Industrial IOT & Industry 4.0 environment and integrated into Desys Linkersys collaborative web platform. In other words, thanks to Alleantia technology you can interact with data taken from the field sending them in real time to factory staff that can simply be connected to Linkersys with smartphones, tablets or eyeware devices for AR. In this way all the instructions – including 3D visual instructions for interacting with the machine in the field – about maintenance, production, spare parts etc. are monitored thanks to the AR / VR solutions connected to Linkersys.


Desys is specialized in the supply of products and services in the field of CAD / PLM, visual and interactive 3D documentation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality integrated in the Linkersys collaborative web platform that interacts with Alleantia technologies.

Linkersys is the collaborative web visual platform for Industry 4.0 and manages 3D visual documentation.


Linkersys is the “visual” collaborative web solution that follows the product life cycle inside and outside the company in the following areas: design communication, manufacturing, support & services (after sales) sales & marketing and Industrial IoT.


Integrated with Alleantia devices, Desys can dialogue with machines and provide, for example, interactive 3D instructions for maintenance, use of responsive HTL5 manuals with video instructions, 3D virtual training and management of interactive 3D spare parts.


The VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies interact with Linkersys.