FlairBit is a software house with decades of experience in the Internet of Things to design, implement and develop complete solutions for Industry 4.0 and other market sectors.


FlairBit is the ideal partner to build secure, reliable and robust loT solutions that use the best technologies for data collection, historicization, distribution and analysis.


FlairBit provides its professional services and its products in various application contexts for important national and international clients in different markets.


The application area of Industry 4.0 enable Senseioty, the FlairBit product to accelerate the development of Big Data Analytics solutions based on data from the Internet of Things, on data collection from heterogeneous devices for industrial applications such as predictive maintenance, connected manufacturing, next generation scada systems, etc.

Senseioty is a scalable, secure and reliable sw platform to accelerate the development of IoT and Big Data Analytics.


Senseioty is a scalable, secure and reliable software platform for the Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics. Senseioty simplifies the acquisition of data from heterogeneous devices and systems, the historicization of these data through high-performance and scalable technologies, the analysis of data collected through self-service data analytics tools, the distribution of raw and processed data in open format and their reading through web and mobile applications.