Innovamac Srl is a company specializing in the development of software for the automation of production processes.
The use of innovative platforms allows him to automate most of the production processes of multiple companies, making all the production phases more streamlined.
Thanks to a development team, they are able to customize the software solutions to adapt them to different business needs and make their customers’ business growth visible immediately.
Innovamac has chosen a network of partners of which Alleantia is a part that allow it to offer a 360-degree service aimed at both production companies and companies that operate in online commerce.

CN Control

CNControl CNControl is the innovative software for the interconnection of CNCs (CNC work centers) with the company’s management system, to perform any automated integration process.

Thanks to CNControl you can have all the production progress under control in real time to be able to intervene directly on any production process and increase its efficiency.


CNControl can be connected to any CNC equipped with an Ethernet card and to any communication protocol used by the CNC manufacturer. Among the most famous CNC manufacturers we have already started partnerships with HEIDENHAIN, FANUC, VISEL, SORALUCE, BTM, D.ELECTRON, SIEMENS for a long time, guaranteeing full functionality with all CNC models.