KDM Force

KDM FORCE is an independent tech company with a proven track-record in delivering Cloud Native applications that combine IoT data collection, Big Data, Analytics and Mobile App development for information access.
Vexcel it’s their Cloud system software designed to provide an overview of the information taken on board the ship and correlate it with other data. marketed according to an “as a Service” model for the collection, management and analysis of the data of the on-board components of commercial naval fleets.

The system has been designed to provide the operator with an overview of various data sources at both fleet and individual ship level. The system is designed to process information in near real time, aiming to increase automation in all operating phases in the areas:

  • Business control
  • Voyage management
  • Safety
  • Energy and Conditioning
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts inventory

KDM FORCE has helped customers with business-specific expertise to improve information-related processes in highly regulated industries such as Telecommunications, Utilities, Manufacturing and Media, in many major countries of Europe, through strong partnerships with leading system integrators and management consulting firms, as well as its own direct sales team.

To help enterprise organizations adopt and integrate cloud technologies, partnered with cloud platform and product industry leaders to rapidly build and integrate solutions to create amazing Customer Experiences that drive profitability and growth. Therefore, in our consulting team we have Salesforce ans Amazon AWS highly skilled and certified developers, administrators, and architects.