MCE is the IT division of MCM. For thirty years it has been contributing with the supervision software to the success of the MCM flexible production systems.


With its own workshop experience, but also through a systematic relationship with the world of research, MCE created a new level of software services to support manufacturing production, for modern mechanical workshops.


Alleantia technology will be used in workshop integration projects:

  • for communication with the means of production,
  • as a certified and secure intermediary to our cloud-accessible services.

jFMX provides a complete suite of software services to support manufacturing production.


jFMX is a suite of software services supporting manufacturing production.


It includes services for:

  • Technical data management (programs, work cycles, setup documentation)
  • Management of production resources (machines, tools, equipment)
  • Closed-loop planning and control of production
  • Monitoring and calculation of performance indexes
  • Opportunistic maintenance management
  • Management of quality control data and statistical process control