Netsurf has thirty years of experience in developing web solutions for companies.
In 1998 he created the plein air tourism portal, today a leader in Italy and Europe.
Netsurf has been carrying out Computerization Projects for Maintenance Activities for several years, particularly in the context of Industrial Companies, and is a partner of Infor, a world leader in the field of Software applications for Maintenance Management and asset management in general.
In addition to design consultancy, it offers products and solutions for the optimal management of your assets, whether they are complex machinery, industrial plants, vehicles, buildings, distribution networks or road networks.
For Enterprise 4.0 and Industrial Automation, Netsurf has more than 80 successful projects for field data collection, digitization, monitoring and analysis. Intelligent maintenance / integration with production and management is based on software tools that manage the raw data collected and convey them to the systems and a specific product is available for consumption. With NS Energy Manager for Energy Efficiency!
It is essential to use tools to control energy consumption. In the Cloud or on-prem, the NS Energy Manager allows you to collect, monitor and apply the best policies to the consumption of:
• Electricity / Gas / Water
• Other utilities: industrial gases / compressed air

• Related to use (production output)
• Related to the “physical” operating data of machines and plants (IoT / Big Data / AI)
concrete energy efficiency can be achieved.