Nexman, acronym of NEXT MANUFACTURING, helps manufacturing companies to innovate the production process by managing and integrating communication between man and machine.


We deal with the integration between business software, field systems, machinery and personnel.


Two companies (Gamma Informatica srl from Lucca and Dinamo srl from Pisa) are part of Nexman’s corporate structure, which bring IT skills, electronics, mechanical processing, business processes.


Alleantia technology will be used in various sectors: manufacturing, beverage industry, wood industry (excluding furniture), metallurgy, manufacture of metal products, manufacture of computers, electronics and optics products; electromedical equipment, measuring devices, manufacture of electrical and household appliances, manufacture of machinery, manufacture of motor vehicles and other means of transport, other manufacturing industries, repair, maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment, transport and storage and transport support activities, storage warehouses for custody and storage for third parties.