Sharelock Behavioral Threat Intelligence platform enables an innovative bottom-up, AI-powered behavioral approach to Identity Governance and Threat Intelligence, based on understanding user’s and machine’s behaviour rather than just relying on central IAM/ITSM policies.
Sharelock provides its Behavioral insights in three distinct domains:
Insider Threat and Fraud prevention, such as data exfiltration attempts, compromised accounts, data breaches, shared and ghost credentials. Sharelock Threat and Fraud prevention capabilities allow to spot anomalous & risky behaviors, understand the risk stage, and investigate the dangerous situations at the user level. Sharelock enables a set of powerful user-centric insights for investigation purposes, such as timeline analysis, peer-analysis, and behavioral analysis.

Compliance recommendations: based on actual user behaviours, this capability aims to close the gap between the ‘should be’ state – described in Identity Management platforms – vs the ‘as-is ‘. Sharelock access compliance allows you to measure and reduce the ‘gap’ between the ‘should be’ vs. the ‘as-is’ on access provisioning policies.

Machine Anomaly detection, detecting behavioural anomalies of any non-human related entity or attribute. Sharelock Machine Anomaly detection enables behavioural monitoring of any machine attribute captured in the ingested activity log files. It typically applies to combined IT/OT threat intelligence use cases.