Techsol is a consulting and software development company that designs solutions to manage the production sector in all its aspects, from control to planning, up to the monitoring of activities. The main objective is to obtain all the field information in real time, enabling any company to improve its internal management.


Techsol’s approach, constantly oriented towards innovation and composed by a team of highly qualified consultants, makes it the perfect partner for a company like Alleantia, always ready to comply with the latest innovations about the Internet of Things universe.


The mission of Techsol, a company with decades of experience, has as its ultimate goal the creation of management systems for industrial processes, created by listening to the customer’s requests and adapting their tools to the needs of the most varied and complex business realities, placed in local areas but also all around the world.


The software platforms (MES) developed by Techsol allow manufacturing companies to quickly and effectively monitor the performance and the quality of the production, with the consequent advantage of a significantly improving of the management of internal operations but also the increasing competitiveness on the market .

T.fabrica is the MES/MOM platform by Techsol that allows for management of the production sector in all its aspects. It includes all the functions required for the checking, planning and monitoring of production activities.
Thanks to t.fabrica it is possible to analyze the trend of the production indicators in real time but also to considerably contain any unexpected production events, reducing errors and saving time that should be dedicated to the review of the production with a considerable improvement in the production efficiency.


In the current business scenario, constantly changing and evolving, the t.fabrica platform created by Techsol is extremely effective and appropriate to control all the resources involved in the production process to make the production itself efficient and to minimize waste.