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The Challenge

Getting Industry 4.0 data is complex and expensive as we are dealing with several Industrial Devices, different protocols, brands, and details. The cost of an IT/OT integration is normally 50% of total I4.0 projects budge.

The Alleantia solution

With its plug&play IT/OT Integration, Alleantia allows any Industry 4.0 project thanks to its edge software to get a fast, codeless, ready to use machines-to-application integration with an end-to-end interoperability between shop floor and I4.0 applications.

Industrial IoT becomes easy like connecting a PC to a Printer

Thanks to Alleantia 5000+ XPANGO drivers available in the of ‘Library of Things’ and 8 free XPANGO driver editors Alleantia’s solution integrate industrial devices in a Plug &Play mode with dozens of technologies supported out-of-the-box.

All Industry 4.0 data available where, and when needed

Alleantia IT/OT integration can reduce cost more than 80% with results measured on a large variety of application scenarios.

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The RRK Hardware: Advantech UTX3117

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