Alleantia & Stratus

Fault Tolerant Industrial IoT

Alleantia adds Stratus to its list of Certified Hardware Partners.

Alleantia further enriches its offer for industrial IoT by supporting the totally Fault Tolerant architecture such as Stratus’s Edge ztC platform.
A solution that will allow customers to acquire and analyze critical data and information from industrial assets within Edge environments to obtain business benefits, edge-to-cloud integration, advanced visualization tools, for continuous access to advanced applications and powerful analysis tools.
The redundant ztC Edge nodes act as a single system capable of synchronizing virtual machines from one node to another, to ensure the continuity of the Alleantia application.
If a failure is detected within a node, the system automatically activates traffic on the other Edge ztC node, without any operator intervention.
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The Alleantia IoT application is configured only once on the node, its redundancy is activated automatically and transparently.

Alleantia & Stratus – Set up e Test

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