System Requirements

Alleantia software is tested and supported on many Operating Systems including Windows (from Windows Server 2003 to Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Windows 10 IOT 2015 and 2016), Ubuntu and XUbuntu. Can be installed on single computers or on Virtual Machines (VMWare, Virtualbox and others).

Alleantia ISC is certified by vendors on specific IoT Edge Gateways from several global providers.

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Advantech UTX-3117

cisco cgr 1120

Cisco CGR 1120

DELL Edge Gateway 5000

To ensure full functionality of our software to the end users, we test and certify the Edge Gateways from main providers.

We use some of these Edge Gateways also to provide ‘standard’ factory-configured appliances.

Upon request, we can provide complete factory-configured systems in diverse configurations.

Interested to certify hardware for Alleantia software?

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