Exclusive plug&play zero-coding industrial equipment integration technology

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XPANGO enables the creation, for any device and machine type, of a driver similar to printer drivers on a PC, for exchanging data from and to devices, independently from device manufacturer, technology and communication protocol.

XPANGO embed all software coding required to communicate, decode and encode information back/from the industrial devices, so that creation of new drivers require just tabular configuration, accessible to many.

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Access to the Library of Things is public


Alleantia software utilizes the powerful XPANGO Library of Things, which includes thousands of XPANGO drivers for machines, controllers, inverters, and sensors from many bespoke vendors.

End users and OEMs can create new drivers for their machines and production systems using the free XPANGO driver editors accessible upon registration.  Each ISC software comes with the pre-load drivers list, while additional drivers – either available in the Library of Things or created by the user – can be added at any time to each ISC software instance.

At runtime, XPANGO drivers allow connectivity to any supported device with zero coding—from complex machinery to simpler sensors—in a few seconds, and create a complete and interoperable digital twin for each new or legacy industrial equipment. As such, Alleantia solutions do not require changes to application platforms, upgrades, or changing machines and production systems to implement the Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

XPANGO is the most powerful technology on the market to fulfill the need for standardization in Industrial IoT, while at the same time having simple to use solutions and scalable, fast to deploy, that ‘factory’ people can manage, not requiring specific expertise on programming and IT architectures.

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