A single IoT solution, endless applications opportunity


Alleantia solution is compatible to any type of context. Management, control, maintenance: our technology boasts of endless cases of application. Our primary ally is the IoT, which with its power any type of production process can be managed quickly and easily. Industry is our reference sector and the number of Industry 4.0 cases is constantly growing thanks to our solution.

From manufacturing to oil & gas, passing by logistics and transportation, Alleantia’s IoT technology has no limits and will boost any industry productivity.


Here’s a quick glimpse of industries in which we work.

Smart Factories


  • Oil & Gas
  • Steel & Metal
  • Glass
  • Bricks & Ceramics

  • Pharma
  • Food
  • Paper
  • Textile

  • Cement
  • Chemical
  • Plastic Forming
  • Metal Forming

Energy & Utilities


  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Renewable Energy

  • Electricity Distribution
  • Natural Gas Distribution
  • Telecommunication



  • Aerospace
  • Rails

  • Road
  • Naval

Machine Tools

IoT: the new business model to make machine makers powerful and competitive

 IoT is a world without distinction: every kind of device and machine can be connected to cloud and applications. Alleantia is the best plug&play solution on the market to feed applications for monitor production progresses in real time in any type of manufacturing context, from the smallest and most traditional to the largest and most innovative. Alleantia solution, easy to use, scalable and affordable, makes your machines smarter and helps you to realize your industry 4.0 project.


Connect industrial systems and equipment to applications and clouds in a while and use  Alleantia library with its 50000 devices ready to connect any type of machine and device. Our technology is easy to implement and simple to use for any type of manufacturing operator. 


A simple and quick installation separates you from the digitization of your business.

PV Tools

Renewable energy, a precious resource that we can help you to protect


Renewable energy is a precious resource that Alleantia can make more powerful with its technology. Applying our technology to a renewable energy plant means being able to monitor, in detail and in any time, plant’s conditions, to be able to predict possible errors and to immediately correct problems. If the plant’s monitoring is detailed, the identification of any problems will be immediate and its resolution very quick and fast.


Our technology guarantees the maximum of efficiency to renewable energy plants and can also help to reduce machine downtime with immediate and very reduced installation costs.

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