Maintenance and Control of Renewable Energy production systems plug & play

is a critical issue to ensure their return on investment over its lifecycle and lower investments risks. If systems are not accurately and properly managed, production and revenues targets can’t be met.

From the first minute of system’s grid connection, operations focus must be on the outputs and timely intervention, through a maintenance program: Weather, Grid events, components failure, theft, equipment and installation non-conformity. The more detailed is the monitoring, more accurate and timely will be the problem identification, and timely and resolutive the intervention.

Renewable plants monitoring systems must be able to capture data from multiple plants, diverse equipment from different technologies, analyze and correlate a large set of information to provide essential reference data and quickly accessible to owners, operators and maintainers of the system. Also, integration capability to connect to management applications – ERP, Asset Management, Maintenance – is critical,

The planned lifespan of a renewable energy production plant is at least 20 years. During these years, various plant components will be replaced. Technical regulations and tax regime will likely change, and the same energy market will evolve. Therefore, at the end of its ‘standard life’, the plant will be different from its initial configuration. The monitoring system must be able to adapt to changes in the system and to evolve together with the plant.

Alleantia products supports many inverter, PLC, string control and meters integration with its Industry 4.0 plug&play technology. Our software embed features providing a complete, autonomous monitoring system, while the integration capabilities through the IIoT Apps allow connection to many diverse IT systems with total end user control of its data and fast learning from IT developers.

iot scada connected by alleantia renewable energy monitoring demo program interface screenshot

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