Operational efficiencies, asset usage increase, process improvements to achieve productivity enhancements and costs optimization.

Develop and deliver new products with greater efficiency and effectiveness and get them to market faster and less expensively.

But, most companies operate with factories grown in stages, installing equipment from different vendors, with different technologies, diverse production systems and back-end platforms that often don’t talk each other.

How do you get an entire organization on the same page when machines and applications all speak different languages?

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Alleantia enables industrial enterprises implementing an universal Industrial IoT architecture, interfacing existing and new systems with plug&play speed and easiness, with uniform access to machine information for all customer back-end systems and applications.

Alleantia powerful plug&play Industry 4.0 solution

provide a vast set of device drivers and zero-coding editors to easily integrate devices and machines, enabling data collection and communication with simple to complex machinery, with very limited effort, and resolving compatibility and integration with applications and clouds.


Alleantia products support a hybrid architecture (”Alleantia Flex”) for low-cost and quick data collection from old machines, perfectly operating and suitable for the production objectives. Autonomous Wi-Fi enable operating in environments where networking is very limited, thus reducing the total cost of Industrial IoT projects.

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The ‘Alleantia Flex’ is built around wireless I/O modules from bespoken partners for field data data acquisition, combining also serial protocols connection (eg. Modbus RTU), and one or more gateways operating as ‘smart hub’ for collecting all machinery and sensor data, logging, locally processing and distributing data to clouds and applications with the many available IIoT Apps. The same gateways can also directly connect newer machines.

The wireless I/O modules connect to customers’ WiFi network or to gateways that can be configured in ‘Access Point’ mode, thus implementing several autonomous networks, connecting on few Ethernet points to customer’s network, or even operating through 3G/4G network and secure VPN. Of course, a fully wired as well as mixed architecture is also feasible.

Alleantia Flex supports all Industrial IoT requirements for the Smart Factory

Machines connection: lathes, mills, presses, benders, work centers and other sytems, through analogue or digital data collection, PLC, inverter and CNC integration, using Alleantia drivers’ from its Library of Things and Drivers’ Editor.

Production line / cell data: OEE, input and output elements (inbound and outbound pieces, workpieces in progress, total and partial counts for individual batches, etc.).

Machine alarms or line stops, triggering operator’s intervention or maintenance.

Specific signals adding remote Wi-Fi signal conditioning modules, as well as additional sensing sensors (photocells, vibration, probes, meters, etc.).

Manual machining and assembling

The Alleantia versatile and universal solution also suits well manual machining and assembling: specific sensors can be deployed such as photocells, probes, counters, microswitches etc. together with remote Wi-Fi modules, and the gateways for data collection, processing and distribution to Industry 4.0 applications.

Now you can get the competitive advantages of Industry 4.0 across the whole factory, with new and legacy systems, manual and automatic operations, with comprehensive retrofitting, very limited impact on operations, implementing a scalable, expandable, open and future-proof architecture.

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