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Alleantia provides the first plug & play offering around that transforms any electronic device into a smarter and connected device, ‘Internet Ready’, in seconds
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The Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 concepts applied to the transportation industry

Achieving optimization of expenditures, asset usage control, maintenance cost reduction, and end-to-end operations integration across enterprise processes including logistic, sales, planning.

Large moving equipment such as ships, trucks, cranes, bulldozers are complex and heterogeneous systems, using engines, pumps, inverters, compressors, operating with specialized technicians or even complex staff organization.

While assets cost is very high, operational cost can also be very high, failures very costly. Therefore, cost optimization projects can be very rewarding. For example, reducing 2% a fleet fuel cost of $500M (not unusual) is … 10M$, all going to improve the bottom line.

The challenge for such projects is the lack of any standard, both in equipment – often a very heterogeneous set of systems to integrate – in the data types to collect and in the integration to diverse enterprise applications.

Moreover, the moving equipment are … moving, therefore wireless connectivity via 2G/3G/4G, but in some cases SATCOM, is a must.

Alleantia plug&play Industry 4.0 solution is fully suited to support Industrial IoT requirements for transportation

Lack of equipment standardization for data communication

Integration within equipment leverage the XPANGO unique integration architecture, as well as the Alleantia Flex architecture to support integration with old and new components.

Multiple, disparate IT integration requirements

Alleantia IIoT Apps connecting its IoT gateways immediately with bespoke cloud, platforms and applications

Wireless WAN connectivity

Fully support 2G/3G/4G with embedded communication within OEM’s IoT gateway hardware. Fltering / data selection and compression capability to support SATCOM even in farthest geographic areas

Alleantia smart gateways already works in large fleets, integrating disparate systems to collect equipment operational data, special sensors, position, fuel usage and other information.

The flexible architecture supports local visualization supporting the staff, and provide the information to Cloud applications, used by headquarters to analyze information and integrate data with other critical business processes.

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