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We have created reports to show you how our technology is able to facilitate your work and maximize quality and predictive maintenance levels of every type of context. Use cases, real and concrete, that talk about stories of collaboration with companies that have decided to rely on our solution and to create with us innovative Industrial IoT projects.

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cornaglia use case
sector: automotive
end user
An ambitious Industry 4.0 project brilliantly implemented by Alleantia. Active on an international level with 15 plants in 7 countries and a turnover of 185 million euros, the Cornaglia Group confirms with its successful experience that research and analysis of the “data” are now strategic resources capable of guaranteeing to company competitiveness, control, savings and optimization of production processes.
sector: manufacturing
Thanks to Alleantia’s advanced technology every industry owner can transform its company in a successful reality that can make the difference in its reference market. Read this successful story to discover how Alleantia, thanks to the contribution of leading IT partners such as Dell Boomi and Antos, managed to control production costs and quality levels of Tastitalia’s processes in an extremely precise and continuous way interconnecting innovative machines to those non-digital native.
sector: manufacturing

The AlleantiaAntos Industrial IoT project is the perfect demonstration of how Alleantia’s Plug & Play technology can be integrated in every ISV platform and be used to interconnect different machines to facilitate the work of entire production chains. Read more to find out how Alleantia and Antos BRAVO Mes management software have been able to digitalise and solve production problems of more

sector: manufacturing

The Paglieri successful story is the perfect example of what it means to use the IoT power to rethink in a modern key the creation of an historical product. Discover how Alleantia, thanks to the collaboration with leading companies in the IT market such as Cisco and Italtel, has given rise to the digitization of Paglieri, enabling it to reach the highest levels of quality and predictive maintenance.


Alleantia collects and process information to monitor industrial processing of waste treatment.

Alleantia‘s plug & play technology has played a fundamental role in the iWASTE project and in the development of a unified management platform able to collect and process information to monitor industrial processing of waste treatment. Discover the complete use case to learn how Alleantia is able to transform data from each type of device into essential information for monitoring and enhancing production.

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