What We Do

We make available and transform data from any machine into useful decision-supporting information.


With Alleantia technology, any industrial device can be connected ‘plug&play’, and every data is quickly available to create machines’ digital twins, transforming in critical information for decision-supporting applications..


Our XPANGO technology can easily and quickly create device driver for any type of industrial device, providing also the largest Library of Things with more than 5,000 drivers ready for use.


Try our DEMO solution and discover how you can easily provide machine data to on-cloud or on-premise applications!

Our Products

Alleantia ISC Software

Our plug&play industrial IoT Platform can be easily and quickly integrated with any type of device, just as fast as a printer is connected to your PC. Data acquisition and connection between machines and applications has never been so fast thanks to the power of the Internet of Things!  

XPANGO Library of Things

The Alleantia ISC software uses the powerful XPANGO library, which includes thousands of drivers ready to connect CNCs, machines, PLCs, inverters and sensors. Thanks to the XPANGO library, OEMs, system integrators and end users can control their machines and production systems with a very little effort.


Alleantia ISC use the digital twins created by XPANGO library to communicate with machines and decode and encode the exchanged informations. Every alarm and sensor is monitored and perceived thanks to the powerful drivers from the XPANGO Alleantia library.

Machines control has never been easier, discover the IIoT Apps 

Exploiting data collected by Alleantia software can be done in a comfortable and intuitive way. Our solution is connected to Digital Twin IIoT apps, to Application Ecosystem IIoT apps and to Alleantia IIoT apps: thanks to this interconnection you’ll be ready to read machine data and monitor its operations quickly and intuitively.

With Alleantia you can choose your IIoT Apps for connecting IoT edge to any needed business application, either on premise or on cloud.  Our solution is connected to Digital Twin IIoT apps, to Application Ecosystem IIoT apps and to Alleantia IIoT apps: through this interconnection the machines’s rich data set can be easily used, and translated into useful information. 

Try our ecosystem’s benefits

Making a production system digital is a gradually process that can be carried out by small steps. Customers who decide to adopt our solution, in addition to taking the maximum tax benefits from their investment, can exploit all the interoperability benefits deriving from our solution and manage all the industrial information in total safety.

Certified IoT Gateways

We work every day to be supported by the best players in the Industrial IoT market. Alleantia ISC is certified by vendors on specific IoT Edge Gateways from several global providers to ensure fast and easy connection between machines and applications, to check in real time the status of your production systems and to guarantee just-in-time production.


The largest industrial drivers’ library of 5,000 drivers ready to be connected to every device from any type of industrial context, from complex machine tools to simple sensors. A wide availability of driver editors is available for many PLC and CNC technologies.

Cost Ratio

Allentia solutions are the fastest and least expensive way to implement Industrial IoTs. and make available machines’ data in a very short time: no coding, plug&play, fast configuration.

Real-time monitoring

High performance communication interfaces southbound and northbound, capable to manage data at high speed. Production’s progresses, machine status, quality are checkable in real time, supporting analysis of machine errors and correcting failures in a timely manner.


Controlling a production chain in all its progress allows you to reach the highest levels of predictive quality and predictive maintenance and to improve productivity standards.

Instant installation

The most powerful solutions always come from a simple click. Installing our software is quick and easy, and connecting devices to your IIoT is just like connecting a printer to your PC.

Cost analysis

The cost of the integration between machines and applications (IT/OT integration) is more that 50% of an overall Industry 4.0 project. Alleantia heavily reduces this cost, as well as delivery time, enabling an immediate measure the benefits of your investment.

What are IoT advantages?


Industrial IoT can sometimes seems like a utopia, but Alleantia has managed to make this process more concrete than ever. Industrial IoT means evolution, competitiveness, growth, innovation. IoT means creating digital copies, or Digital Twins, of real machines that can help us to monitor the field and the production. IoT can put virtual reality at the service of human knowledge.


Being able to control machine’s work allow us to identify errors and problems and to solve them immediately. No errors are synonymous of a doubled production and also of a significantly increased level of competitiveness.

Industry 4.0 is the right investment for the factory of the future


Industry 4.0 sector is constantly growing and the demand for the implementation of IIoT projects is increasing more and more. Flexibility and dynamism are the two main requirements that every type of company must have today to be able to move in an industrial context in continuous evolution and change. Digitization is the investment that Italian and global industry must purpose to make their business more competitive: efficiency, control, flexibility and dynamism are the extra values that Alleantia’s IoT solution guarantees to every type of industrial company.

IoT is always a good idea



IoT is for everyone. Not only the context of the manufacturing factory but many others are contexts of application of our technology. From naval, to renewable energy, from photovoltaics to transportations: the fields for IoT application are endless.



With Alleantia, digitizing a production process will be no longer a complex, long and expensive operation: thanks to our software, one click is enough to create a real revolution.

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