IIoT Apps

Enabling plug&play integration to any enterprise application and IT infrastructure

When coming to digital transformation endeavors such as Industry 4.0, customers need maximum flexibility and adaptation to their specific situation.

Alleantia Industry 4.0 software provides multiple ways to use machines and industrial systems data, within the enterprise and across its extended supply chain and network of partners.

digital twin iiot apps connected by alleantia cloud

The ‘Digital Twin IIoT Apps’ instantly feed machine information to IT development platforms, to cloud infrastructures in secure, vendor-certified way, or publish machine data using specific communication protocols.

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Alleantia IIoT Apps enable use of machine data within embedded applications, for example for energy analysis and reporting, and public application platforms such as shared file systems and corporate social networks.

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Application Ecosystem IIoT Apps connect many Industry 4.0 applications, helping to ensure fast integration with industrial machines and production systems “connected by Alleantia”. These IIoT Apps include product life-cycle management (PLM), manufacturing execution systems (MES), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), data analytics/predictive maintenance, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM).

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