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The best Industrial IoT solution


Our plug&play technology allows to connect in a few seconds any industrial machine and production line with any on-premise or on-cloud application.

IT/OT integration cost and time is cut down more than 80%.


With hundreds of deployments, Alleantia ISC edge software has allowed countless industrial customers to implement their digital transformation and their Industry 4.0 systems, from MES, to OEE monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Quality, AR/VR and AI.

The most effective Plug&Play offer on the marketplace

Connect in a few seconds any industrial device — from complex machinery to simpler sensors — to create a complete and interoperable digital twin for each new or legacy industrial equipment.

Hundreds of IIoT Apps

Instantly feed selected data into multiple enterprise IT applications and clouds through certified ‘IIoT Apps’, with full control.


Implemented by Alleantia and its Application Partners, ensure fast integration of industrial machines and production systems “connected by Alleantia” to many Industry 4.0 applications.

Who’s Alleantia IoT Software for?

Our goal is to provide the best software solution for your problems.

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What analysts say about us

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“Alleantia with ISC software is a reference vendor for factory automation, energy and utilities, transportation”

(Market Guide for Industrial IoT Gateways – 08.2018)

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“A very relevant Industry 4.0 Company in Italy”

(Frost & Sullivan Industrial IoT Analyst – 10.2015)

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“One of the most forceful potential distruptors”

(Hot Tech Innovators – 02.2015)

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“Reference vendor for IoT Gateways and IoT Platforms”

(Forrester TechRadar Internet of Things – 02.2016)

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