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Software Vendors

your IoT Apps.
For Independent Software Vendors (ISV) that develop MES, Management System softwares, Alleantia is a complementary ally. From data collection from the field to the interconnection of industrial machines, all of them, Alleantia solutions make any ISV’s job much easier.



Connect your industrial
Alleantia plays a critical role for SI for designing, configuring and implementing customers’ Industrial IoT architecture, identifying machines, dataflows, networking and system architecture to enable Alleantia solutions with new and existing drivers and IIoT Apps.



Make your machines
Industry 4.0 digital transformation is a constantly growing field. Find out Alleantia’s technology: the easiest and fastest way to create smart machines and to make your business more competitive than ever. Assure your customers’s smart devices and minimized machine downtime.



your business.
From the smallest companies to the largest production chains, Alleantia can boost any business by increasing production performance, improving quality and reducing costs. Together with our partners’s ecosystem made of the biggest players of the IIoT market, we can help you.
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Simply the easiest, most intuitive and universal approach to Industrial IoT

Our technology allows to connect in a Plug & Play mode, with zero coding and in a few minutes, any industrial machine or production line with any on-premise or on-cloud application.


Alleantia ISC Edge Software enables, thanks to a powerful library, named XPANGO Library of Things, over 5000 ready-to-use drivers for interconnecting the majority of existing industrial machines and line of production.


We help Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators, Machine Manufacturers to enrich their offers and Industry Owners to optimise their business and lead Industry 4.0 projects in any industries.

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