Zero-coding integration upstream and downstream,

from wire to cloud in 10 seconds

Comprehensive, fast to use XPANGO machine integration technologyThe Library of Things and its ready to use device driversThe XPANGO Drivers’ editor, embedded applications for data processing, visualization, notification. Multiple ways to use industrial information thanks to the largest set of IIoT Apps to connect your machines to clouds and applications.

Alleantia ISC Software

is the first ‘pocket-size’ Control and Data Acquisition system built with the logic the Industrial Internet of Things and Edge Computing and the Plug&Play philosophy

main screen iot scada connected by alleantia
xpango library things device drivers

XPANGO Library of Things

Alleantia ISC software uses the powerful XPANGO Library of Things, which includes thousands of XPANGO drivers for machines, controllers, inverters, and sensors from many bespoke vendors. Through the free XPANGO driver editor, OEMs, system integrators, and end users create new drivers for their machines and production systems with very limited effort.

IIoT Apps

Alleantia software provides multiple ways to use machine data. From Digital Twin IIoT Apps that instantly feed machine information to IT development platforms, or publish machine data using specific communication protocols, to Alleantia IIoT Apps using machine data within embedded applications or public application platforms, to Application Ecosystem IIoT Apps with many Industry 4.0 applications “connected by Alleantia”.

machine application plug play interoperability solutions

In the Alleantia’s Industry 4.0 Ecosystem

any “connected by Alleantia” OEM system or industrial devices supported by XPANGO and the Library of Things, instantly connect through the IIoT Apps to customers’ IT platform of choice or partner’s Industry 4.0 applications.

Alleantia partners and customers experience exclusive interoperability advantages—tapping industrial information gathered from any equipment, safely and with complete control, and ensuring a smooth transition toward manufacturing digitization.

Certified IoT Gateways

Alleantia software runs on certified IoT Gateways from selected OEM Partners, ensuring consistent support worldwide for the most demanding industrial requirements.

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