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We work to make any type of industrial reality approach to IIoT easier and as intuitive as possible.


If you are implementing an IoT project and if you are planning its design, configuration and overseeing customer’s Industrial IoT architecture, identifying machines, dataflows, networking and system architecture, Alleantia is the solution that can help you.


Alleantia solution is the only one IoT technology on the market that can be enabled on new and existing drivers and IIoT Apps.


Read more to find out how we can make the digitization of any type of industrial company ready for an immediate use.

Thanks to Alleantia everything is always under control and updated


From small factories to big industries, our technology can be integrated with any type of software system and plays a fundamental role in collecting data directly from the field.


Alleantia solution can be integrated into any type of machine and to collect data in real time. Once data has been collected, they’re transmitted to the Cloud or to other applications and therefore, thanks to our technology, they are transformed into valuable information. Thanks to our intuitive and ready to use technology every type of industrial operator will be able to keep everything under control and updated, from single devices to entire production chain.

Alleantia can help you to make every industry digitization easier, safer and faster


Working with the IoT means for us designing solutions that make the approach to the industrial world ever more intuitive and easier.

Our technology is easy to use but it isn’t synonymous of lack of security. In our projects we never forget about the importance of a safe use of data: we work with data but we do it protecting our end users.

We are ready to overturn all the current IoT prerogatives and we work every day to make our solution more and more easy to use, secure in protecting customers and a precious investment for each customer.

Being Alleantia partner means…


Become part of our ecosystem! Thanks to our System Integrators partners Alleantia solution is able to create examples of scalable, reliable and future-proof Industrial IoT projects. We are proud that our technology is at the service of the strongest System Integrators on the market.