Driver Library


Connect your machines with our ready-to-use industrial drivers



Increase the performance of your machines and maximise the quality of your production


With 5000+ pre-configured drivers, Alleantia can capture OT data from any machine or industrial device, then merge it into a common format ready for use by enterprise applications and cloud platforms.

As the amount of raw data from industrial devices increases, the work of collecting the data and unifying it so that it can be transferred and processed by the industrial app/cloud increases exponentially. Alleantia automates this process, in minutes and completely ZERO CODING!

We communicate easily with these

Native Communication Protocols:

  • fanuc
  • heidenhain
  • melsec
  • mitsubishi
  • modbus
  • mqtt
  • mtconnect
  • nmea
  • omron_fins
  • opc_da
  • opc_ua
  • profinet
  • siemens
  • siemens_s7
  • ethernet_ip
  • euromap

Do you need to connect a motor? Do you need to connect a sensor? A cobot?


Whatever industrial device you need to connect in our library you will find the IoT solution: its driver with its communication protocol.

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Driver Library

Driver Library: endless potential for your business

Thanks to the 5000+ pre-configured drivers in the XPANGO library, you don’t have to spend any more time coding, programming and testing, because we’ve already taken care of that!

Access more than 5000 drivers and find the most suitable one to digitise your business and make your company competitive.

Enter the world of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things: digitization can be your most important growth driver in today’s highly competitive market environment. IIoT is at the heart of Industry 4.0 which, thanks to the application of smart solutions to production processes, gives rise to ecosystems in which automation makes a decisive contribution to increasing productivity.

XPANGO is the most powerful technology on the market for speeding up production and making it more efficient. The Alleantia library does not need any kind of installation program and is the most versatile solution on the market that can control the production progress of devices.

With our industrial IoT projects, we enhance every type of industrial device and make every type of business more competitive. The digital twin created by the XPANGO Library can not only decode information from machines but also communicate with them.

This continuous flow of timely and up-to-date data gives you complete control over your production process, minimizing costs and increasing production speed while optimizing your business. The virtual replica of the machine can be controlled in all its functions, during order execution and during downtime. Every alarm and sensor is monitored and recognized thanks to the Alleantia Library of <Things> drivers.

Private Library: a driver editor for your needs

Is the digital revolution transforming your industry? Do the connected objects within your company require a specific driver that you cannot find in the library?


Use our driver editor to create and save it in your Private Library: using an IoT gateway you have cybersecure management of your data locally and in its transfer to the cloud.

Your own Library

Private Library

Create your Driver

Driver Editor

What is a Driver?

A driver is a software component that contains the specifications of the type of machinery/industrial device for which it is created. Drivers are used by Alleantia IoT Edge Gateway (ISC) to communicate with all devices that support the widely adopted communication protocols Modbus, Siemens S7, Focas and many other proprietary protocols. Thus creating the virtual replica of your industrial machinery/device.

Your machine has its own “Digital Twin”

Every industrial device is a powerful data resource that can be used to create your DIGITAL TWIN. Alleantia Library, with its XPANGO Drivers, is the door opener for every device’s data and thus for the entire digital transformation.

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