Get benefits of IIoT <data integration> with Alleantia


Innovate and grow your asset with a no-code data integration platform



Get benefits of IIoT <data integration> with Alleantia


Innovate and grow your asset with a no-code data integration platform



Leverage benefits of data integration to transform data from any industrial assets into valuable decision-supporting business information.

This is what we do.

With Alleantia technology, any industrial device can be connected ‘plug&play’, and every data is quickly available to create machines’ digital twins, transforming in critical information for decision-supporting applications.


Alleantia is an all-in-one data integration platform that is simple to use and install, from data collecting and analysis to data integration and management in third-party Apps.

benefits of data integration

The world’s largest library with more than 5000 pre-built drivers available

benefits of data integration

No coding is needed for a real time upstream or downstream data integration

benefits of data integration

50+ embedded IIoT apps to Cloud and Enterprises systems

Benefits of Data Integration in numbers








Average customer results (2023)

“One of the most forceful potential distruptors”

(Hot Tech Innovators – 02.2015)


Now Tech: Digital Twin Service Providers, Q1 2022

(Forrester’s Overview of 31 Digital Twice Service Providers – 02.2022)


“A very relevant Industry 4.0 Company in Italy”

(Frost & Sullivan Industrial IoT Analyst – 10.2015)


Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Conversational Artificial Intelligence

(Gartner Research – 10.2022)

Six reasons our customers chose Alleantia


Collect a large amount of data


Ability to quickly and easily gather large amounts of data from devices and systems, useful for a wide range of applications including production monitoring, processing, maintenance, and quality control, as opposed to being restricted to the simple data sets offered by most competing products. For industrial and network devices, PLCs, and CNCs, Alleantia offers more than 40 communication protocols, meeting a sizable portion of industry demands.


Save time IoT Projects implementation


Just by adding the device inside the Alleantia platform, all information will be immediately available. By reducing the time, it takes to implement a project, Alleantia customers can save money and resources, and get to market faster with new products or services. Additionally, by leveraging real-time data insights from their equipment, companies can improve their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs over the long term.


Connecting heterogeneous assets


Multiple machines, CNC, PLC, inverters, meters, sensors, and other types of equipment can be connected to the same instance and the data from the field can be acquired. The solution is scalable, open to future expansions, in the type and number of data to be collected by the machines (eg for conditional and predictive maintenance), and in the type of connectable devices, also for future use.


Wide set of data integration APIs


For bidirectional connectivity to On-premises and On-the-cloud Spplications, Alleantia has 15 APIs and connectors available. An Alleantia IoT instance supports setting up multiple channels of communication with various platforms and apps. The customer can choose data sets, access rights (R/W), frequency, and other restrictions for each channel to control “when, where, and by whom” machine data is used.


Reliable Support


Having reliable support for Alleantia customers means that they have access to a team of experts who can help them with any technical issues or challenges they may encounter while using the platform. One of Alleantia’s goals is to maximize the value its customer get from the platform and ensure that data integration service run smoothly and efficiently.


Competitive offering


Together with distinctive features, high performances, and reliable customer support, the price competitiveness of the offering represents great added value to the customers.  Alleantia provides a solution that increases efficiency and productivity, and which is adaptable to the specific needs of each client, and is accessible to all levels of the company.

Make Alleantia work for you

Smart Factories


Integrate heterogeneous field sources to get valuable data for increase decision-making speed and accuracy for high levels of productivity, quality, and safety.

Smart Products


Maximize the potential of product data by utilizing it to offer a diverse range of services that will enhance and complement the overall product experience.

Smart Services


Leveraging asset IIoT data to provide useful services to improve business performance and operational efficiency.

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