Machine Manufacturers


Alleantia brings the IoT power into any industrial machine



Find out how to upgrade your machines to Industrial IoT to make your products part of the IT and OT markets.


Machines always at maximum of the efficiency and power, ready to be interconnected, prepared to be controlled in their functions. Thanks to Alleantia you can own them.

Bring your machines into the IoT world


Industry transition to the 4.0 universe is increasingly concrete and the demand for digital transformation and for increasingly qualified and performing applications from user companies is constantly growing.


Being able to interconnect your machines and transform your production systems into 4.0 means combining the industrial world with the one of internet applications, opening up scenarios of knowledge that have been unthinkable until now.

More productive, more controlled, more competitive: your machines with the IoT Alleantia industrial technology


To interconnect your machines or your production lines means amplifying their value, providing your customers ready to use digitalized services such as, for example, remote production supervision and advanced maintenance of production assets.


Our technology will enable any OEM selling an extremely competitive product and enabling immediately your customer to independently create their own digital transformation processes. Thanks to Alleantia your customers will be able to monitor in real time the status of machines, to know the progress of the work and to keep its productivity levels under control.

Why you should adopt an IoT solution? Discover the value of Alleantia


Efficient, intelligent and interconnected machines can satisfy every kind of customer exigencies who every day take benefits from their investments thanks to a production of maximum quality and high productivity.


Offer to your customers “connected by Alleantia” machines, upgrade your offer to the new industry 4.0 paradigms to make your products increasingly competitive into the IoT and Industry 4.0 world. 


Alleantia’s “Plug & Play” software solution can be easily and quickly integrated with your machines and can be used in a simple and intuitive way by your customers: owner, manager, department manager and machine operator.

High quality and predictive maintenance: the two categorical imperatives of IoT sector


Manufacturers from small and large industrial companies are constantly looking for solutions that can improve the quality of production and can also reduce machine downtime.

Open artificial intelligence door, the best investment to satisfy your customers


Intelligent and efficient machines correspond to satisfied customers who have reaped the maximum benefits from their investment, bringing their production to maximum of efficiency.

Being Alleantia partner means…


Become part of our ecosystem! Thanks to our OEM partners Alleantia solution is able to create examples of scalable, reliable and future-proof Industry 4.0. We are proud that our technology is at the service of the strongest OEM on the market.