The largest open, multivendor and multi-platform Industry 4.0 Ecosystem in the market today

Alleantia Partners are essential elements of our open, multivendor and multi-platform Industry 4.0 Ecosystem the largest in the market today.

We give to any customer, large to small, being end user or machine maker, the opportunity to implement a rapid, cost-effective and future-proof digital transformation.

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The ‘Connected by Alleantia’ ribbon means that our Partners, by implementing the Alleantia technology, either in their industrial machines or on their Applications, ensure the interoperability across devices, machines, platforms, and applications.

End users benefits from the Alleantia Ecosystem to create their ‘own’ Industry 4.0, with full freedom of choice in selecting production technologies, IT infrastructures and clouds, and application platforms as well.

‘Connected by Alleantia’ implementation, upstream and downstream, are Certified by Alleantia to ensure total interoperability across production systems and applications.

Applications developed, implemented on bespoke third party platforms, or on partners’ proprietary software. Applications include product life-cycle management (PLM) systems, manufacturing execution systems (MES), flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), data analytics/predictive maintenance, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and others. ISV & Application Partners create and maintain the corresponding IIoT Apps that connect them to the Alleantia Industry 4.0 platform and the ‘Connected by’ machines and production systems.

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Include IT hardware, industrial machine and production system builders that embed Alleantia’s technologies inside their products. These OEM Partners also create, test, and make available the XPANGO drivers for their machines, so that all Alleantia customers can benefit from the “connected by Alleantia” features.

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In many cases, customer’s engineering team implement in autonomy their ‘tailored’ Alleantia solution. However, in complex Industry 4.0 projects, Alleantia System Integrators Partners play a critical role for designing, configuring and implementing customers’ Industrial IoT architecture, identifying machines, data, dataflows, networking and system architecture, and deploying Alleantia solutions with new and existing drivers and IIoT Apps, building the customers’ specific Industry 4.0 ‘middleware’.

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