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Are you an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), a System Integrator (SI), a Machine Manufacturer (OEM) or an Industry owner?

Alleantia Partners are essential elements of our open, multivendor and multi-platform Industry 4.0 Ecosystem the largest in the market today.

Become part of our ecosystem: the ideal environment to create the most powerful IoT 4.0 projects.


What does it mean to be an Alleantia partner?


Exchange ideas, discuss and collaborate to create big projects. Our strength lies in the ecosystem of partners that surrounds us for the implementation of increasingly powerful IoT solutions. Cooperating with us means having the opportunity to create a rapid, economic and future-proof digital transformation.

Receiving our “Connected by Alleantia” stamp you can implement Alleantia’s technology to quickly and easily achieve interoperability between devices, machines, platforms and applications.


What are you waiting for?

It’s time to give your Management Softwares a full Industry 4.0 potential

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Are you an Independent Software Vendor (ISV)?


We are constantly looking for the most innovative IIoT apps to make our ecosystem even more powerful! Applications are the key for us: from single machines to entire interconnected production systems, we look for applications that can manage the product life cycle (PLM), control and coordinate production (MES), manage flexible production (FMS) and analyze the data to reach the highest levels of predictive maintenance. And so much more!


What are you waiting for? Help us to create interconnected Industry 4.0 systems.

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Are you a Machine Manufactorer (OEM)?


Becoming an Alleantia OEM partner is the ideal solution for machine manufactorers who want to make their business more competitive. If you are a builder or seller of IoT Gateway hardware, industrial machines and production systems, choose Alleantia to get to your devices a higher gear and to direct your customers towards the best possible investment.


Become part of our ecosystem to allow your customers to take full advantage of the “Connected by Alleantia” features on their machines.

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Do you want to become Alleantia’s System Integrator Partner?


The best results are those achieved by a solid team. The role played by our System Integrators Partners is fundamental for us because they play an essential role in the design, configuration and implementation of customers’ Industrial IoT architectures. Every project and request is different from the other and we need to be joined by strong realities in the design of specific projects able to satisfy every clients needs.


We work to make the approach of any type of industrial reality to the IoT 4.0 in the simplest and most intuitive way possible.


What are you waiting for? Help us to create interconnected Industry 4.0 systems.

Are you interested in becoming an Alleantia Certified System Integrator Partner?

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