A successfully story about passion and hard work to make industry’s 4.0 digitalization simple, fast and intuitive.


Alleantia is an Italian young and dynamic SME in the IT sector born in 2008 from an intuition of Stefano Linari, today Chairman & CEO of Alleantia, even before the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 era.


Since 2011 we have been using IoT to interconnect all kinds of machines and we are committed to creating the most innovative Industrial IoT projects. We help the Italian industrial sector in its growth but we also never forget to follow the influences of the IT and OT global markets.

When an idea becomes reality 



We have always believed into IoT power! Since 2009 we have worked with passion and dedication to create a software solution that can easily and quickly interconnect every type of industrial device from every kind of industrial context to the Web. Imagine to being able to interconnect a lot of devices and to monitor in real time each step of the production process and also to predict errors and correct them promptly. Thanks to our technology from today this is real and possible.

Our mission: a goal to achieve and a constant projection towards innovation


Alleantia is today internationally known for its innovative software solutions applied to “Industrial Internet of Things”. Our solution can now be integrated into manufacturing plants, renewable energy plants, process and transport industries to guarantee to every type of customer to reach the highest levels of productivity and plant maintenance. With our solution we want to make the approach of industries to the Internet of Things increasingly simple and natural.

What makes Alleantia unique is our deep desire to discover new solutions to make digital transformation increasingly fast and easy.

What Analysts Say About Us


“Alleantia with IoT Edge Gateway (ISC)  is a reference vendor for factory automation, energy and utilities, transportation”

(Market Guide for Industrial IoT Gateways – 08.2018)

gartner alleantia Market Guide Industrial IoT Gateways

“One of the most forceful potential distruptors”

(Hot Tech Innovators – 02.2015)

“A very relevant Industry 4.0 Company in Italy”

(Frost & Sullivan Industrial IoT Analyst – 10.2015)

“Reference vendor for IoT Gateways and IoT Platforms”

(Forrester TechRadar Internet of Things – 02.2016)