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Our certified partners are Software House, Systems Integrators and SaaS who have chosen to adopt Alleantia technology and to certify themselves as its expert users.


Our technology, plug & play is easy to use, combined with the applications of the most competitive ISVs on the market IoT guarantees a safe management of the product lifecycle to plan safely and attentive to available company resources, and accurately measure levels of quality and predictive maintenance.

Alleantia has always relied on the best ISVs and application partners in the IIoT market, constantly looking for the best made in Italy solutions to contribute to the growth of our country towards industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 applications are very useful for the management of any type of production cycle.
Today the number of IIoT App compatible with the Alleantia platform is growing more and more helping to make the digitalization of industries easier, safer and faster.


System Integrator deal with the analysis of machines and customer needs, investigate the data that must be collected, identify the number of sensors needed and detect the number of Alleantia IoT gateways that must be installed. Our System Integrators Partners are the key to creating flexible and ready-to-use solutions suitable for any industrial context. Thanks also to their contribution, the Alleantia solution is now able to create Industry 4.0 projects that are scalable, reliable and future-proof.

The approaches and tools to integrate information systems are a fundamental step to allow companies, to implement new business methodologies, to reduce time to market and to face increasingly competitive scenarios.





The perfect demonstration of how Plug & Play
by Alleantia can be integrated into any ISV platform and used to interconnect different machines to facilitate the work of entire production chains.





The Paglieri success story is the perfect example of what it means to use the power of the IoT to monitor the
production phases of a historic product in a modern way.


Discover the ISVs and application partners of our ecosystem


Abas operates in a variety of industries, from industrial to automotive to food. Distinguished by Abas ERP‘s innate predisposition for interconnection with third-party solutions.


Antos is a software house from the Marche region, which has differentiated itself over time for the development of unique vertical management software for any kind of business.

Aristeia makes the best use of the synergies of different professionals in the management and IT fields to offer innovative services with high added value.

Armilis offers a SaaS for data integrity at the source, from IoT to WebApps. It ensures consistent, complete and accurate data through blockchain and encryption.

Ascom provides ICT-centric solutions: mission-critical, near-real-time solutions for targeted environments with high mobility and tight timelines.


ATS, with a deep knowledge of the IT and OT world, designs and implements Smart Manufacturing systems providing support in the digital transformation strategy.


Avantune builds solutions that enable companies to increase flexibility, boost productivity and reduce costs by adopting a 4.0 business model.


Bcame is a technology innovation company that focuses on hardware and software R&D, omnichannel eCommerce services, DevOps, and IT consulting.


Blackbirds Infotech deploys CRM/xRM (Customer Relationship Management/Anything Relationship) solution to manage and enhance customer relationships.


Desys has extended its range of action to the whole PLM environment, i.e., to the management of the entire product life cycle, carrying out projects with leading companies.


DGroove is able to assist and support customers at all levels: IoT, Augmented Reality, Training, Document Management, Web and Mobile Development, Cloud Consulting.

Digit is a software development company with an unparalleled record of delivering on time and on budget IoT digital solutions.


FlairBit is a software house, with decades of experience in IoT, that designs, implements and develops complete solutions for Industry 4.0 and other vertical markets.


Euris Group provides IT services and develops customized, innovative solutions with high added value. ELEA is the Business Unit that deals with IoT and Industry 4.0.

Gruppo Infor

Infor Group supports its customers towards digital transformation, with customized and cutting-edge solutions to improve processes and productivity.

innoarea logo

Innoarea designs and develops tailor-made immersive AR/VR solutions to improve companies’ sales tools, productivity, and training processes.

Holonix deals with Technologies, IoT software products and Augmented Intelligence. It supports companies on their digital transformation journey, leveraging the benefits of Analytics, Big Data and AI.

In4Agri, as an innovative Startup and Benefit Company, is a digital ecosystem with solutions for farmers, breeders and food processing farms.


iProd realizes technological high-profile solutions, with elevated contents of innovation, thanks to its invention iProd MOP: (Manufacturing Optimisation Platform).

Netribe Group

Netribe Group integrates strategy, technological innovation, and process consulting, with the aim of managing, at best, multidisciplinary projects in the ICT sector.

Penta is a software house that operates in the Treviso area since 1980: the goal is to accompany the customer in the path of efficiency of production processes.

Progetto Cad

Since 1992 Project Cad supports companies in the realization of projects that efficiently optimize the processes of design, production, and Data Management.


Servitly is a comprehensive Cloud-based software for managing connected products, delivering Smart Services, and supporting the delivery of Advanced Services.


Sinergest with a web platform, multidevice, proprietary is a strategic partner for the optimization of processes and the growth of business performance.


SmartFAB combines augmented data management, advanced analytics, and automated storytelling into a single, integrated solution to improve your current business intelligence.

Thanks to KAILAB, its Digital Innovation Hub, SOGETEL drives the digital transformation of companies by providing Smart Manufacturing and Smart Maintenance solutions.


Techsol provides software solutions that allow manufacturing companies to respond quickly and accurately on the progress of different production processes.


UrsaLeo, a U.S.-based company, allows users to visualize operational data in a photorealistic 3D representation of their production lines or products.


Veil Energy is focused on energy efficiency and decarbonization with a solution dedicated to reducing costs and emissions in manufacturing processes.


Wrxflo enables companies to achieve higher levels of process efficiency through Lean Industry 4.0, predictive and more.

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Discover the system integrators that are part of our ecosystem

4wardPRO multi-award-winning Microsoft partner for our ability to achieve our mission: ” to create a better way to live and work, guiding companies through their Digital Transformation Journey”.

ADM Electronic is the ideal partner that offers customized hardware with reliable technology and a high level of service through more than 25 years of experience.

BitControl offers open software solutions and systems for maintenance management, which are also integrated and optimized with SCADA and ERP systems.

Electronet specializes in turnkey projects for clients who wish to maximize their revenue and enhance their reputation through automation.

Go2Tec is the ideal partner in the digital transformation: the company is the right solution to every need that requires new opportunities and competitiveness on the market.


Innovamac is specialized in the development of software for the automation of production processes thanks to its innovative software for the interconnection of CNCs.


Intac is a system integrator expert in the design and supply of supervision and control systems for technological systems in the civil and industrial sectors.

K-Digitale uses digital to create and transfer tools and models based on the value of innovation throughout the digital transformation process.

KDM Force

KDM FORCE, with a proven track record of delivering Cloud Native applications, combines IoT data collection, Big Data development, Analytics and App.

Linari Engineering

Linari Engineering for almost twenty years among the international leaders for innovative scientific solutions in industry and research to produce nanomaterials.

Linari Medical specializes in the biomedical field and the manufacture of class 1 medical devices for telerehabilitation: neurovisual rehabilitation in telemedicine.

Logical System

Logical System, is a software house that evolves from the form of solution factory, anticipating and applying the new information economy and digitalization.

MAS Automation is a technical and Training company based in Egypt established in 2008.
It is a distributor and representative for worldwide automation companies.


Netsurf was born in Ivrea and over time has specialized in the creation of quality IT solutions to improve organization and management processes.


Nexman, an innovative startup, helps manufacturing companies innovate their production process by managing and integrating communication between man and machine.


NovaNext, a system integrator and training center, designs and implements technology infrastructures, digital transformation and industrial automation solutions.

One Team

One Team, pursues through the provision of consulting services and professional IT solutions, Document Management (EDM/PDM) and Facility Management.

Oregon Systems

Oregon Systems has an architectural approach to integrated IIoT-centric cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructure and Industry 4.0 compliance.

Overace offers the experience in technology, providing the know-how in different business sectors, enhancing them, and improving their efficiency.


Porini is a center of expertise and Microsoft Gold Partner with the mission to support companies around the world in the design and implementation of solutions of excellence.

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