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Our certified partners are Software House, Systems Integrators and SaaS who have chosen to adopt Alleantia technology and to certify themselves as its expert users.


Our technology, plug & play is easy to use, combined with the applications of the most competitive ISVs on the market IoT guarantees a safe management of the product lifecycle to plan safely and attentive to available company resources, and accurately measure levels of quality and predictive maintenance.

Alleantia has always relied on the best ISVs and application partners in the IIoT market, constantly looking for the best made in Italy solutions to contribute to the growth of our country towards industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 applications are very useful for the management of any type of production cycle.
Today the number of IIoT App compatible with the Alleantia platform is growing more and more helping to make the digitalization of industries easier, safer and faster.


System Integrator deal with the analysis of machines and customer needs, investigate the data that must be collected, identify the number of sensors needed and detect the number of Alleantia IoT gateways that must be installed. Our System Integrators Partners are the key to creating flexible and ready-to-use solutions suitable for any industrial context. Thanks also to their contribution, the Alleantia solution is now able to create Industry 4.0 projects that are scalable, reliable and future-proof.

The approaches and tools to integrate information systems are a fundamental step to allow companies, to implement new business methodologies, to reduce time to market and to face increasingly competitive scenarios.





The perfect demonstration of how Plug & Play
by Alleantia can be integrated into any ISV platform and used to interconnect different machines to facilitate the work of entire production chains.





The Paglieri success story is the perfect example of what it means to use the power of the IoT to monitor the
production phases of a historic product in a modern way.


Discover the ISVs and application partners of our ecosystem


Actyx is an Industry 4.0 company based in Munich that maximizes production performance through advanced big data analytics, adaptive user assistance systems and intelligent machines and robots.


Antos is a software house from the Marche, which has distinguished itself over time for the creation of very specific vertical management software for each type of business.

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Ascom is an international provider of solutions focused on healthcare and enterprise ICT and mobile workflows.

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ATS provides services globally for all three levels of the automation pyramid; control, execution and information.


Avantune specializes in Self Service, IoT and AI solutions, with the mission of offering innovation without complexity capable of empowering people and reducing costs.

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Bcame is a innovation technology company dealing with hardware and software research and development, Omnichannel eCommerce services, DevOps and IT Consultancy.

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Blackbirds Infotech srl is a software company that distributes CRM / xRM (Customer Relationship Management/Anything Relationship.


Internet of things, Augmented Reality, Training, Document Management, Web and Mobile Development, Cloud Consulting, DGroove is able to accompany and support customers at 360 degrees.

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Progetto Cad

Dal 1992 Progetto Cad supports companies in the implementation of projects that effectively and safely optimize the design, production and data management processes.

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Desys provides products and services in the field of CAD / PLM, visual and interactive 3D documentation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

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Esimple develops mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android; augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions for marketing and industry 4.0.


FlairBit is a software house with decades of experience in the Internet of Things to design, implement and develop complete solutions for Industry 4.0 and other market sectors.

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Gruppo Euris provides IT services and develops customized, innovative and high added value software solutions. ELEA is the Business Unit which deals with IoT and Industry 4.0.

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Gruppo Filippetti

Multidisciplinary Global Technology Provider that provides services and develops smart solutions in the areas of Digital Transformation, from Industry, to Building to Mobility, all from a 4.0 perspective.

Gruppo Infor

Infor Group supports its customers on the path towards Digital Transformation, supporting them with customized and cutting-edge solutions.


IProd brings Industry 4.0 to manufacturing companies with the simplicity of the Cloud and an industrial Tablet to connect.

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For thirty years MCM, with its own workshop experience, has contributed with its supervision software to the success of flexible production systems.

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Netribe Group

For thirty years MCM, with its own workshop experience, has contributed with its supervision software to the success of flexible production systems.


Olivetti, historical brand of the Italian industry and digital hub of the TIM Group, is embarking on a transformation path to become the Group’s Digital Farm.


Servitly Servitly is a Cloud-based Digital Product-Service System (DPSS) for managing your connected products.


Sharelock.ai develops and distributes its AI-powered Behavioral Threat Intelligence platform for the Zero Trust Security architecture, for Humans and Machines.

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Sineregst with a web, multidevice, proprietary platform is a strategic partner for the optimization of processes and the growth of business performance.


SmartFab provides Augmented Analytics that allow you to optimize production by improving overall quality.


Thanks to KAILAB, its Digital Innovation Hub, SOGETEL leads the digital transformation process of companies by providing Smart Manufacturing and Smart Maintenance solutions.

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TECHSOL provides software solutions (MES) that allow manufacturing companies to obtain information quickly and concisely on the progress of the various production processes.

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UrsaLeo provides 3D models of structures capable of displaying data from multiple sources by connecting sensors directly to a photorealistic model.

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A company focused on energy efficiency and decarbonisation. With e-boost, a SW and HW platform, it is easy to manage by reducing costs and emissions and increasing earnings.


Wrxflo allows companies to achieve higher levels of process efficiency through Lean Industry 4.0 through predictive and much more.

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Discover the system integrators that are part of our ecosystem

Circle Garage

Operating on various environments such as cloud, prem or hybrid solutions for data flow management and security to create new integrated systems to bring new value.

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Gruppo Bellucci

Gruppo Bellucci is a System Integrator with a solid and historical experience that still today offers the best solutions for the technological growth of any type of company.


Innovative software for the interconnection of work centers with the company network according to industry 4.0 parameters

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INTAC is a system integrator expert in the design and supply of supervision and control systems for technological systems in the civil and industrial sectors.

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Accelerate digital transformation with its ICT solutions to support the relaunch of competitiveness.

KDM Force

Thanks to its Cloud Native that combines the collection of IoT data, the development of Big Data, Analytics and mobile apps for accessing information.

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More than thirty years of experience in the installation and maintenance, electrical systems and renewable energy production systems.

Linari Engineering

For almost twenty years among the international leaders for innovative scientific solutions in the industry and research sector for the production of nanomaterials.

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Logical System

Logical System is a leading software house in the creation of management software for companies.


Netalia’s Italian Public Cloud allows companies, public administrations and ICT companies to obtain all the possible benefits of Cloud Computing.


Over time, the Ivrea-based company has specialized in creating quality IT solutions that help customers improve their organization and management processes.

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Nexman helps manufacturing companies to innovate the production process by managing and integrating communication between man and machine.

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ntt data

Multinational company based in Tokyo that deals with system integration for the telecommunications, services, multi-utility, financial, public, manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

One Team

With its interdisciplinary ecosystem of partners, it designs complete technological paths to support its customers in the transition to Industry 4.0.

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Based in Monterrey, Mexico, it focuses on Industrial Automation, Data Acquisition, Edge Devices, Industry 4.0, and General Systems Integration.

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Oregon Systems

Architectural approach for integrated cybersecurity solutions focused on IIoT for critical infrastructures and compliant with industry 4.0 requirements.


Digital technologies in every business area to improve competitiveness and positioning through consulting, system integration and solutions in the INDUSTRY 4.0 and CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT 4.0 fields.

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Porini is a competence centre and Microsoft Gold Partner with the mission to support the management of medium and large enterprises in Italy and worldwide in the design and implementation of excellence solutions.

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